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Lovely Andionne

Mission: Get it together

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Sooooo.. I have been following the blogs and website for a while but have not fully taken advantage of the greatness within. This time will be different as I have a new mindset and am really focusing on being a better me. :) I will be tracking my goals here and through my nerd fitness character. So here we go!



Right now my goal is developing my fitness schedule into a habit. 


Workout 3 times a week (30 - 60 min) - Max 30 EXP (7.5 for every week complete). The workout can be anything (strength, walking, martial arts, yoga, etc)

Morning stretches/light Yoga 5 days a week (15 - 20 min) - Max 20 EXP (5 points for each week)



I use to be an avid reader but good TV and a DVR have taken over. There were never this many good TV shows and movies on (Thank you and curse you marvel, dc, hbo, etc) This goal is part of a larger goal to finish one book a month for six months consecutively.


Start and Finish one book by the end of the month ( at least 200+ pages) - Exp  10 points 



I am an extroverted introvert :) I am an extrovert for a short period of time then must retreat. I can begin the friendship but have a hard time sustaining communication to continue the friendship.


Plan at least one outing with a friend each week. Husband and work activities do not count.- Max 40 Exp points (10 each week)



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Thanks for the love!


As for what martial art I am looking at that is a good question. I did a kickboxing class last week. Love the class but the commute to get there after work was more than I want to spend.I am trying a Afrikan martial arts class on Sunday. Not sure what that entails but sounds fun. I am also trying a Cuong Nhu studio that is easy to commute to from work to see how I like the studio and classes. My goal is to try a new studio and/or martial art until I find one I like :)


I love to read Sci Fi and Fantasy books. I am a sucker for good world building. In October I finished the Stars Wars: Before the Awakening. It was short but I liked it a lot. I especially liked the Fin story because it helped make sense of why the storm trooper called him a trader in the movie. That seemed so random. I also liked Po's story because it gave background on how the resistance worked within the republic.  This month, I think I am going to read Robopocalypse. It has been on my list since it came out and yea haven't read it yet. 


Goal Update as of 11/2


Fitness - I am starting outlook. I went to New Orleans for Halloween which threw my schedule all off (Yes it was fun and awesomey). I am going to the gym today, and doing yoga class tomorrow then plan to do a light urban hike on Saturday to get in my three workouts for the week. If I can convince some firends to go to a Pole dancing class with me on Friday then that will make it four.  I have done morning stretches/Yoga once this week but plan to do every morning for the remainder of the week to get a count of 4. won't meet goal of 5 but that's OK.


Mental - Need to actually start the book :)


Life - Does the Pole Dancing class count? We'll say it does it I can get folks together.

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