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2 minutes ago, Jormungand said:

Four Week Challenge Recap


Structure was the name of the game, and it was the lack thereof that I think is what threw me off about halfway through this challenge. There were never any days where I had to do something (other than greasing the groove with the pull-ups), it made it easier to put things off until "tomorrow" but I never got around to working on things as completely as I should have. A pretty sorry end to the challenge, but I am already looking at how to make improvements for the next one to round out the year and end on a high note.


First Quest: Vel0city Not good at all. Only ended up with 26 miles total this challenge, which is way down from where I wanted to be. I also feel that I'm not being as motivating to the ally as I would like to be. I think I'm going to have to be more open and not push her as much, that way I don't come off as pushing or overbearing. I will try to find a way to encourage her more effectively, though I have to understand that a lot of it will come down to her own choice in the matter and I can't decide that for her.


Second Quest: Innervate I didn't practice every day, but we practiced enough to get through our portion of the gig. We had a lot of fun, and nobody kicked us off the stage, so I will count this one as a win.


Third Quest: Ir0n Hand No handstand, but I did get to 500 push-ups (half of them came in the last week, but I will still count it). Also, there were only a couple days in there that I didn't do my pull-ups as I walked through my bedroom door. I definitely did it more than I didn't, so there is something to that.


Looking back over it, it's not terrible, but it's more "meh" than I'd care to continue with. I liked using Zer0 as my inspiration, so look to see a similar theme for the next challenge. As always, thank you to everyone who stopped by with comments and advice. You are all awesome, and I look forward to having you around next time.


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Great job on accomplishing all that you did! Celebrate finishing even a little bit ahead of where you were because that's still progress, not all progress is leaps and bounds but you definitely made progress (I bet you're MUCH better at pull ups now especially!) Plus at least you're able to see what worked and what didn't. Now you can just make the adjustments that you need and kill the end of 2016 and start 2017 off on the right note! :) 

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Even when things don't go as hoped, I still consider it a win if learned something that will help me down the road. I'm sure this is true for you. It sounds like you made a really strong effort at the end, too. Congrats on the gig, man! I'll bet that was a lot of fun!

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