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Lilbichy Returns, battling King Sombra once again!


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I took quite the little hiatus from here this year.  Lots have happened and now I feel like I am at a place to come back and focus on doing challenges again.  I will start back up by finishing the last one that I quit on.  Vs King Sombra!  Of course my love of My Little Pony has not changed since last challenge here =)

King Sombra is a living shadow creature known as an umbrum.  The purpose of his existence is to destroy the Crystal Heart and set free the umbrum army trapped below the crystal empire.  He must be stopped at all costs.


Sombra’s Health – 2000

Abilities –

Uncontrollable Frenzy (Emotional Eating) 10 HP Damage – This seems to be a hard one for me to control.  So I decided to increase the damage.  Make it hurt a little more =)

Quake (weigh self) 10 HP Damage –  I think this one will be easy to avoid again but want to add it just to make sure.  I know after last challenge I immediately stepped on scales and was upset by the number.  Luckily I was able to remind myself that number is ultimately not what matters, health and happiness is. 

Oniomania (Shopping addiction) 5 HP Damage – I have a really bad shopping habit.  If I think for a second I “need” something, I convince myself to buy it.  If I do talk myself out of it for a minute, I obsess until I reason why exactly I just have to have it, or even why it would be a great gift for someone.  For this challenge, I want to restrict my spending and work on paying off my credit cards.  I only have 2 more Christmas presents to buy, so other than that, no buying random gifts for myself or for others for the next 4 weeks.  I can do this!

Poisons (Diet Soda, Fast Food, and Candy Bowl) Damage – We all know how bad these addictions can be.  Diet soda – 5 HP Damage per 12 oz.  Candy Bowl – 5 HP Damage per Indulgence.  Fast Food – 10 HP Damage.  Fast food will not result in damage if I choose smartly from menu and if no other options available.  


Fluttershy will be going in to battle this round!



Health – 100

Skills –

Mutilate (Workout) – 2 Damage per 5 Min – Yoga, Run, Cardio, Strength, any workout.  =) 

               Prey on the Weak  (Outside Workout) Double Damage! – Outdoor workouts are even better, with the sun shining down making everything more awesome, which of course will do more damage to the boss!

Acrobatic Strikes (10 Min Stretching) – 10 Damage per Session – Doing Yoga does not count on this one.  I fail so hard at stretching after my workouts.  I can tell that I am starting to have injuries and soreness.  Flexibility is def lacking!

Shadow Focus (Learning) – 10 Damage Daily – I have lots of different things I want to learn.  I have a book on learning tarot cards, chakras, Buddhism, Japanese.  I want to spend 30 minutes a day learning something new.  Time to stop putting it off!  If not every day, then at least a few days a week.

Dirty Tricks (10 min daily house cleaning) – 10 Damage Daily – I put all cleaning off until the weekend and then I am like a mad woman thinking of everything I need to do and overwhelmed so I put it off more.  I think 10 min a day can help with this.  I use the excuse my room is a mess to not do yoga, so now I will make sure I have room in the morning.   

Nightstalker (Daily Reflection) 10 Damage Daily – At the end of the day I need to stop and reflect on the day.  Think about the good that happened.  Bonus 1 point for each positive\happy\gratitude that I write down. 

Combat Readiness (To do list) – 10 Damage Each – I have a list of things I keep procrastinating on doing.  They aren’t necessary for life but they are things I keep saying I want to finish, so time to do them!


Blade Furry (NF Mini Challenge) – 25 Damage Weekly – Sign up and complete the minis.  Be part of a group and have extra little challenges!


Health Pots

Honor Among Thieves (Socialize) - +25 HP – I still battle with being antisocial.   I need to get out and do more with more people.  I love my animals, but I need to love my friends and family too, well I do love them, I just need to show it.

Shadow Dance (Face a Fear) - +50 HP – I hide behind my fears, trapped by them.  This can be any fear.  The fear letting go and just being spontaneous.  I fear snakes, heights.  Trying new workout classes.  Going someplace alone.  Feeling out of place.  I need to embrace the five seconds of courage and just do it!  

Tiger’s Lust (Burpees) - +2 HP per 5 – Burpees…..enough said.  =)

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24 minutes ago, lilbichy said:

Placeholder for weekly totals...



What.  The.  Hell.  Is that?


Welcome back!  Following for lilbichy awesomeness!  And mourning the loss of fun fitbit challenges.....

 Level -20 Zombie Princess

"The only way to lose is to give up."

 -Tanktimus the Encourager

"You can't beat someone that refuses to give up."

-Björn Járnhamar





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That would be a super cute picture of a ferret!  I wish mine would let me get cute pics like that of them. 


The last two days have been a bit out of normal.  I had a concert Sunday night (Good Charlotte) and had yesterday off from work.  I also gave in to my stresses.  I finally got a new (used) car.  My old car died on me one night and I decided I was just over it.  I noticed on new car there was a leak.  I was smart and got warranty on it, through a 3rd party.  I guess the car needs transmission rebuilt or replaced.  So I have no clue when I will have my car back.  Luckily my dad is able to let me borrow one of his, he uses for work.  I gave in to the stress and did some damage to myself with emotional eating and fast food.  Luckily I had some socializing (concert and playing pokemon with gym dude) that made up for it. 


First 2 days of challenge did not go as planned, but now I am ready to kick this challenge in the butt!

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No worries, it happened to me also.  Got a stinking head cold on Monday (I work with dirty, germy teenagers :P), so my whole first week has been off course. But, I plan on hitting the ground running next Monday. 

 Level -20 Zombie Princess

"The only way to lose is to give up."

 -Tanktimus the Encourager

"You can't beat someone that refuses to give up."

-Björn Járnhamar





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