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A Challenge, you say? (Handstands, Running, #WednesdayBridgeClub, Japanese...)


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Okay, I'll be out of town, living it up in NYC for Halloween on October 30, so I should line up  my 4 Week Challenge now.

It's pretty straight forward.

I am starting Week 3 of the Zombie Run 5K program, and my goal is to continue that 3 workouts a week.

I am also starting the Handstand course from Nerd Fitness, I've not had time to look it over but I intend to do Handstand work on my non-running days.

Also I am headed to Japan in EXACTLY 2 MONTHS!  So I am not reading any more books, or listening to anymore podcasts.  Only my Japanese lessons so Ican get back to functional speaking (I took it in college, I was alright speaking, but never learned much kanji).  I have little Japanese learning games I play on my phone rather than Facebook, etc.  I can look at Facebook too, but I'd prefer after a round of Japanese quizzes.


On top of this I want to keep meal prepping, and pill prepping (I feel SO OLD).  I have new medications for anemia and asthma, I might lay off the iron pills a bit because they made me feel ick last night, and just iron-up my food (hello lentils, kale, etc), but I am now the little organized lady with an am/pm pill box with my meds and vitamins all laid out... and it's wonderfully convenient!
I prep wonderful looking meals, but often when it's time to eat them I have no appetite... I need to figure out why this is, and what I can do about it.  So working on light, clean food for lunches.

I also started something I've been sharing with people from Camp nerdFitness, but should throw out to everyone!  I've made up a game called "#WednesdayBridgeClub, which is just posting pictures of ourselves in backbends on social media. On Wednesdays. For fun!  Everyone's invited to join.


Okay, Oct 30, bring it.


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Handstands and bridges, hooray. :D 

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Looks like a great challenge I love the idea of #WednesdayBridgeClub, and will be looking forward to how you progress with your handstands :)

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Fun challenge! Do you eat meat? Because beef is one of the best  sources of iron. Liver is even better.

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On 10/29/2016 at 10:20 AM, Elastigirl said:

Fun challenge! Do you eat meat? Because beef is one of the best  sources of iron. Liver is even better.

I don't, not really. And by that I mean ever.
I might try some when in Japan, because I'll try anything once, but for the most part I am a vegetarian that has no interest in meat.  No stigma attached, just none for me, thanks.
I appreciate the suggestions though!

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