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Hello and welcome to the 5th challenge~ 


Main Goals

1. Turn on the light when the alarm goes off -  X/5        If you've been following my old challenges, I've been trying to make time to exercise everyday while also working on professional goals. That led me to trying to wake up at 5am with very little motivation (even ANTI motivation - running....). I'm still attempting to become a morning person, but I'm going to approach this EVEN MORE SIMPLY than I previously thought possible. So all I have to do is turn on the light. It's like a FOOT away from my arm when I wake up. That's it. That's all I'm asking! If THIS doesn't work out, I'll try a different strategy every week to wake up when the alarm goes off until one proves effective. But going through the effort, even if unsuccessful, counts towards this goal.


2. Floss every day - X/7       Again, this will make a regular appearance until it becomes second nature. 


3. Finish grad school applications - 0% or 100%         I'm applying for Fall 2017 matriculation, so I want to have my graduate school applications FINISHED by December. I'm applying to 3 schools, and I'm ready to make this a concerted effort to get 'em done. What I mean by "finish" is that all my materials are in (or out of my hands, as in recommendation letters) and I have solid drafts for all of the the written portions (personal statements, CVs) that would just need polishing up before submitting the complete package!


Bonus Goals (+ 1% each time)

Read a page of a book before bed (1% per night)

*Exercise (1% per workout)

*Work on research (1% per session)


This challenge is finally featuring some LOOT! 

100%  (High)  -   Running Jacket; there's a jacket I've been eyeing but it's like, $50.... doing well on this challenge will justify the purchase. 

80% (Med)  -  2 pairs of tights ($16 each) OR Amazon gift card $20-$40

50% (Low) -  $15 iTunes GC or 1 pair of tights

<50%  (Consolation)  -  $1 per % earned by a goal with a star. These are important to me to try to do consistently, so even if I don't reach my main goals, if I work on these, I still want to congratulate myself for keeping up that effort. 





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Hi PunchTonic! I love your goals! It's great that you are looking for unorthodox ways to get yourself up earlier in the morning. I struggled with that (enough that I finally gave up around 7am and now that's alarm time), so I'll be watching your challenge to see if it could help me too. I'm a fellow flosser, working on it at least. And that's some great loot! Good luck!

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I'm loving the loot ideas! Especially your prize even if you get under 50%.

As for the wakeup, I can't seem to push myself much further past 6 am. But doing it slowly helped. Just moving it back 15 every two days got me to that point. I'm trying again this challenge to get it down to half five for longer runs and writing sessions. But all the best for your challenge!

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@avril.obscene @IAmInfinite @KingLui Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you like the ideas. :3


So far, I actually find it pretty motivating to do things that feel "extra" at times. And I haven't done any workouts or done much research (I was sick at the beginning of the week), but it's nice to not have that breathing down my neck. It's also sort of an experiment to see how much I'll get done without it being on a "checklist" of sorts. 

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Hi I'm still alive! 

I've been working really hard on graduate schools stuff in advance of some travel plans, which is why I've been MIA. But here, and update for you all!

Week 1 (omg I haven't updated ONCE and we're almost done with week 3? lmao)

1. Turn on the light when the alarm goes off -  3/3        Why not 5? I was sick for the first 2 days of the challenge (Oct 31 and Nov 1) so I scrapped those days because all I did was sleep.         


2. Floss every day - 5/5       Minus the 2 days, I did it. 


3. Finish grad school applications - 0% or 100%         Progress report~ the first step for me is taking the GRE (graduate....something examination) and so I was studying hardcore for the exam on Nov 10. 


Week 2

1. Turn on the light when the alarm goes off -  5/5        I'm amazed this actually works. There were some times where I still hit snooze, but I'm still getting up at a reasonable time and not falling completely back asleep. 


2. Floss every day - 7/7       :D 


3. Finish grad school applications - 0% or 100%         Progress report~ this week, after taking the GRE I'm now focusing on the actual applications. I've got my recommendation letter writers down and I've finished an outline for the writing portions of one of the schools (personal statement, research specializations, etc). 


Bonus Goals (+ 1% each time)

Read a page of a book before bed (1% per night)  2 so far      I want to get back to this, but most of the time, I just go to bed after eating dinner and watching some TV

*Exercise (1% per workout) 3 so far          I've started training for a 15K and the program is in it's first week. I kinda stopped everything while studying for the GRE. 

*Work on research (1% per session) 0 so far          I need to start doing this because my advisor is expecting a draft in the first week of December. eep! O__O




Overall, the challenge is going well so far! I think I did a good job of making my goals achievable while still keeping the challenge. Having a loot plan has definitely helped because it adds motivation to do simple, but important tasks. Usually at night, especially if it's a late one, I would just say, "ehhh it'll be fine if I skip flossing tonight" and then a month goes by and I haven't flossed at all!  


I like that I'm keeping exercise and research as bonus goals for a couple of reasons:


1.  I don't have to pre-determine a schedule (to create a measurable goal), allowing me flexibility for life change. For example, in the time that I was studying, I realized that if I was stressing about the exercise/research I wasn't  doing, then it would just distract me from the goal at hand. For me, and probably a lot of people on here, who want to do everything all the time, recognizing that I can't be perfect and giving myself that allowance in my schedule takes the pressure off and actually lets me be more productive. I'm happy I'm at the place where I can understand that mentally and also put it into practice. 


2. I feel extra "good" and productive when I do make the time to exercise or do research because, well, it's extra! I get a boost because I'm not just "doing what I should be doing" nor berating myself for when I'm unable to do those things. 



I'm happy this challenge is going well, but mannn I can't wait until the year is over! Gotta finish strong!

I hope you're all doing well ~ 

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Heya! Here's the final update: 


Week 3 

1. Turn on the light when the alarm goes off -  5/5       :D 


2. Floss every day - 7/7       :D 


3. Finish grad school applications - 0% or 100%         Making progress, all the info is in, it's just writing now


Week 4

1. Turn on the light when the alarm goes off -  3/3        Only three days because I didn't have to get up Thurs/Fri because of the Thanksgiving Holiday


2. Floss every day - 7/7       :D      This one was getting hard to do by the end. I was tempted to skip at LEAST four times, but I didn't because of the promise of that sweet, sweet jacket


3. Finish grad school applications - 100% :D       I DID IT. Over the week and the weekend, I really busted my butt to get words to paper. So now all the info on all my apps is filled out, and I've got a solid draft on my essay portions. My recommenders have been notified and all that is left is to polish things up before hitting the submit button. Hooray!


Bonus Goals (+ 1% each time)

Read a page of a book before bed (1% per night)  2 total

*Exercise (1% per workout) 3 total          

*Work on research (1% per session) 0 total


I think I technically got 105%, but I'm satisfied with the jacket, so I'll just keep that. Plus it's been an indulgent month for me, so I'll just....spare the $3 haha.


Ahhh I feel so accomplished! I could have read some more and worked on research and exercised, but honestly, my focus for the month was finishing my applications,  and that's what I did. So now I can focus on research, which will be due on Dec 9th, with revisions occurring through the end of the year. You can definitely expect to see that in my next challenge.



For those who were interested in how the loot motivation went - it was great! I already said this before, but I think it's worth it to mention again that the loot was most effective as accountability for me to do small "level up my life" goals. One could increase the challenge by making them more difficult life goals - like eating at least one paleo meal every day, or not having any unplanned snacks. For this challenge, I had an "all or nothing goal" attached to the loot. It turned out ok this time, but I'll admit it did make me stress about it, especially close to the end. So maybe make it a goal, but involve it in the loot unlocking in a different way - maybe like a side-quest or bonus item? Let me know what you think about incorporating all or nothing goals into a measurement scheme~



I'm very excited about the next challenge! I finally feel like I'm getting the hang of goal-setting. I keep thinking about the new year and new year's resolutions, but the 4 week system has been so helpful for me to making real, tangible changes to my lifestyle, I'm not even sure I'm going to make any new year's resolutions in 2017...



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