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Shiami is Evolving! A wild Ferrass appeared!

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Getting into it, nice and slowly.


I'm going to start at the ground up with this one.  Not getting too complicated here, as last time I tried something similar I had 12 goals and everything crashed and burned.  This time, each day can be worth 12 points.  (Days where I attend practice, I will not be doing a home workout or home practice, so those 4 points alternate)


1. Sleep/routine training

- 2pt: be in bed by 9:15pm

- 2pt: awake at 6am, as planned, and completed the day's AM quest.


2. Water 

- 2pt: drink 2L of water in a day.

- 1pt: drink less than 1L coffee/soda in a day.


3. Karate

- 4pt: attend class

- 2pt: perform basement practice (sanchin, ho jo un do, etc).


4. Push-up/handstand

- 1pt:  perform at least 5 push-ups in a day.

- 2pt:  do handstand training.


AM Quests:

 Sunday:  Rabbit House Maintenance

 Monday: Morning Coding

 Tuesday: Master Spinner

 Wednesday: Basement Karate

 Thursday: Master Spinner

 Friday: Basement Karate

 Saturday: Morning Shopping/Batch Cooking





I've been having a devil of a time with this section.  I still don't know what would make a good loot target.  Normally I try a gradated approach:  My loot is awarded by percentage  - 80-100% fantastic loot.  60-80% okay loot, 40-60% participation-ribbon loot.  But I'm not sure what to do here.  What I WANT is a new GI... but I can't find a way to gradate that really well, as the price points aren't exactly linear.  The "Fantastic" Gi's are ~$170, and that's USD and only IF they ship to Canada.  (Stupid Century having country-specific catalogues... they don't sell their ladies Gi pants in Canada for some stupid reason.).    So I have el-cheapo Gi's (not really what I want anyways), or high-end international import.   Le sigh.

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WEEK 1:  Oct 30 - Nov 5


Week notes: Y'know, I thought I was picking easy goals here!  I'm starting to wonder if I really did.  My sleep habits are horribly out of whack, and I'm tired enough most mornings to put a real damper on any productive plans.  Maybe it'll get better if I just keep working at it?  Or maybe I need some bat-cave modifications.



October 30th:    9 pt

- Got the bedtime credit (2), but failed to wake up and go clean the rabbit house in a reasonable time frame.  Target was 6am, crawled out of bed reluctantly at 9. (0)

- Got the water credit (2), failed the coffee/soda.  3 cups of coffee, and 4 cups diet soda. (0)

- Basement practice happened (2), handstand and push-up training happened at the same time (3).  On a notable aside, the early stages of the NF handstand package are familiar to me:  My previous gymnastic/strength/kettle-bell coach would open each class with these same mobility drills.  I also did a lot of stretching. 


October 31st: 5 pt

- Got the bedtime credit (In bed 9:10, read until about 10pm though). (2)  Got the wake up credit right now. ;)  Did one coding exercise. (2)

- Failed the water credit by about 2 missing cups of water. (0) Just forgot to drink that evening.  Got the coffee/soda credit (1)

- Did no practice or training. (0) :( 

November 1st:  10 pt

 - Got the bedtime credit.  Woke up, but failed to do my Master Spinner work.  (2)

- Got the water credit.  Also got the coffee soda credit.  (3)

- Attended class at the dojo (4), ended up doing extra push-up training (1)


November 2nd:  5 pt

- Got the bedtime credit. (2)  Hit the snooze alarm and didn't basement practice.(0)

- Got the water credit (2).  Got the Coffee/Soda credit (1)

- No practices. (0)


November 3rd: 

- Got bedtime credit (2).  Got the wake-up credit, and technically the AM Quest (I worked with the project, didn't make much progress due to a roadblock though) (2)

- Water/Coffee Unknown

- Planned:  Karate Practice


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The waking up part became mostly non-negotiable when I got my rabbits.  (My game, and my level 50, borrows heavily from Harvest Moon... I'm a bit of a gardener/rancher/etc.)  So when my husband relented and said I could keep/breed rabbits, so long as I kept it small, I got a pair of fluffy bunnies.  (I'm also a hand-spinner of yarns, so the little guys are a wool ranch for me. :) ) So the rabbits need me to get up each morning before work to feed them, and bunnies like routine.  So, I can't NOT wake up: live things need me to feed them.


It's the working on the other quests in the morning that's the challenge.  Because right now, it's much more satisfying feeling to curl up with a warm mug of coffee at my PC, curl into my chair blanket and read than it is to do nearly anything else.  I may have to make some bat-cave mods here to try and make this less tempting.  But the intention was to get the really important stuff done in the morning before I have a chance to wuss out.

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