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It is time.

My birthday is coming up, a day of family and cake, and another of potluck and boardgames with friends and then I am officially a year older. Who would have thought? (What's with the English speaking side of the world continuing to pretend I were 29? What kinda BS is that? I LIVED those years. I EARNED those exp. Who dares try take that from me? -sometimes cultural differences are so hard.) Anyway Wednesday week 1 I am turning 33 and I love it.


I am happy and proud to have run my very first Mud Run this past challenge. It was fun, and it was awesome, and if I'd done it alone, I would have been in trouble because lifting myself over things: still not awesome, but I wasn't and we had fun and it was good. Also, I jogged the whole thing.


This challenge I am going to be playing with my head a bit. I will be cutting calories for a while there. I am planning for three weeks, but we'll see how it goes. It all depends on me writing down my fricking intake, obviously, and apart from the hunger grabbing me and me going after all kinds of edibles, I imagine, the logging is the thing that limits how long I can do this.

The idea is to get used to cutting. For a limited time. So my mind learns: Yes it sucks, but it's not forever, and I'll be okay.


Well here we go:

week 1 don't eat like a dickhead but do enjoy your birthday. Log food. S M T W T F S (total: )

week 2-4 log workouts and food calory deficite. SMT☐W☐T☐F☐S☐ SMTWTFSSMTWTFS (total: ☐☐☐)


Go to fitness classes twice a week, only excuse: real sickness.

☐☐ ☐☐ ☐☐ (total: ☐☐☐☐)

Go to dance class ( if no babysitter)

☐☐ ☐☐ ☐☐ (total: ☐☐☐)


to do list - pending

☑  sign up for trainer licence classes

get rid of the frikkin laundry

get BabyMagneto through school visit

get BabyMagneto to enjoy pool day in kindy



logging but not graded:

eat something good for you every day (aka the fruit and veggie thing): (total: ☐☐☐)


☑ ☑ ☐☐☐☐



continue water intake: (one per bottle (700ml) drunk, total: ☐☐☐)

S☑☑ M☐☐ T☑☑ W☐☐ T☐☐☐ F☐☐☐ S☐☐☐

S☐☐☐ M☐☐☐ T☐☐☐ W☐☐☐ T☐☐☐ F☐☐☐ S☐☐☐

S☐☐☐ M☐☐☐ T☐☐☐ W☐☐☐ T☐☐☐ F☐☐☐ S☐☐☐

S☐☐☐ M☐☐☐ T☐☐☐ W☐☐☐ T☐☐☐ F☐☐☐ S☐☐☐

get enough sleep: (total: ☐☐☐) start: median 8h10m/night over the lat 14 days, goal: stay above 7h30=)

☑ ☑ ☑ ☐☐☐






So this is it. time to get moving again. Yes, I stole those boxes from you, @Rurik Harrgath, I can't imagine you mind, dear sir. On other fronts school restarts tomorrow, I need to mind my sleeping and get enough me-time, so mandatory reading time will be a thing...


Love you folks.


Katrin aka Morag

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Katrin the Morag Lvl 22 Cadet, half klingon, c-licensed trainer, mother of two, gaming nerd


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9 hours ago, Katrin Josephina Morag said:

Yes, I stole those boxes from you, @Rurik Harrgath, I can't imagine you mind, dear sir.


I can't take full credit either... stole them from @miss_marissa over in the Warriors.  It's the newest gamification schtick!

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Little update inbetween:




Doing good so far, done all the logging these last 3 days, even the Halloween sweets, staying honest, and OH GOSH within budget (not cutting as of yet)!

Had fruit every day too, baby steps. I ate the hokkaido pumpkin before I could turn it into soup. dang.

Could do better on the water front, but whatevs.

Slept two nights through, don't want to jinx myself but "YAY!"


Multi-Training tonight: 1630-1730 BabyMagneto, 1730-1830 BigBoyLobo, and once he's returned home and showered I am headed out to my class while he watches his brother (1830-21h), hope all of that happens as planned. First cake's base is in the oven, it needs to fully cool out before I can put the whipped cream and fruits-and-sauce on top, which in turn has to solidify completely before I can serve it... ergo making it now and storing it in the freezer overnight... Pics will follow (if it turns out pretty).



More soon.


PS gratitude

My BigBoyLobo brought home a 10 points grade in one of his german exams. He's dyslexic and until a little while ago he wrote in a manner NO ONE could read. I mean NO ONE. This one was different. He got almost full points all around, the dyslexia was taken out, obviously, and it was all (ALL) readible.

Youtube... so much to look at!


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Little update. Again.


Mood: lorelai-snow.gif

First snow is here. It's not sticking yet, not on anything but roofs and cars, but it's glorious. Never been excited about snow before. Gilmore Girls did this to me. The year my first boy child was born was snowless until the night he was born. The second one, born almost seven years (-11 days) later our car was utterly snowed and frozen in. Thankfully it's only a short walk to the hospital, really just down the road, maybe 200m.


ANYWAY enough reminiscing. Birthday was marvellous. I should have taken more pictures. But whatevs. A few people were sick and had to cancel last minute, but I'll see them when they are well again.

Board games on Sunday were fun. There was lots and lots of eating happening and we still had lots of leftovers, resulting in a bit of iffy eating the last few days. Not that the food was unhealthy, really not, I don't REALLY overeat either, it was just that I struggle with logging things that were put together from so many different ingredients. I am sure I ate within maintenance, but since I am supposed to eat less than maintenance, I'm really not sure, so no ticks on the list. For SUN and MON. I am logging today though.


Gonna get my behind moving and do some FlyLady cleaning in a moment, Monday Home Blessing Hour didn't happen (we were in school, me and the little magneto boy, getting him enrolled and playing there with two other kids and two teachers... getting to know the way, the building, the people, taking away the fear of the unknown... he had lots of fun) So home blessing didn't happen and I am actually eager to do it, so I shall. I'm feeling like I am getting a handle on things... if slowly... and yeah, not on the laundry, but everything else has VASTLY improved over the last and this challenge. Yay baby steps. I'll keep chipping away at the laundry thing, pfff I'll get there eventually. Steady wins the race.


Plan and play today, not sure how much there is for that to do... but I'll get on that.

The plan is to get to fitness class tonight, dancing tomorrow and both on Thursday. I am not entirely sure how the whole thing will work out when I go by bus, since I'm really not too hip on the bike thing through the temperatures out there atm. So the plan is bus, and if I'm late for class: at least I went.

Talking about going to class. Last week I had a "I might throw up" migraine and went to bed early skipping Thursday class. Meaning I have not been to Thursday class even once since my run in early October. That is really starting to bother me. But migraine is not something I argue with anymore. I was debating taking a painkiller (which I did take anyway) and then going to class, but it felt iffy so I went to bed instead, and have not regretted my choice. Much.


I am signed on for my last 5 weekends of training to become a licenced trainer in fitness and health sport. Which is to say I booked it. A weekend in Feb, Mar, Apr, and twice in May 2017 will be interesting. I heard a lot about the classes... hard and tough are words used discribing it... I look forward to it... Maybe I have a mental problem, but I actually am.


This popped up in my newsletter inbox: https://gmb.io/pull-ups/?_ke=a2F0cmluLmtvb3BAZ214LmRl

It fits so well I'll give it a read and a go later today.


Hubby asked for 7 days and tea, and I getter get going and do all the household things because that sounds damn good I think.


Love ya




Hubby - the best.

Clean living space. Work, but worth it.

Mari Boine - music I can listen to only when hubby is not around. Too primitive for him. :-D


PPS Updated boxes in OP

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Katrin the Morag Lvl 22 Cadet, half klingon, c-licensed trainer, mother of two, gaming nerd


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Another well overdue update.



something between this:




and this...



aka feeling weird today.


I calculated that to finish my birthday/christmas present for my mum in time for either (20th or 24th Dec) means I have to knit 6 pattern repeats per week the next 5 weeks. That wouldn't be so bad if one repeat wasn't 32 rows of 128 stitches each... I will try to see how far I get this coming week, but I have a feeling... yeah, no.


On acount of my boxes ticking scheme: I have been awol the last week but I kept logging in MFP. The first half of this last week was a bit like one of those ponies that I knew as a child. Pissed off with it's rider they put the bit between the teeth and just kept going where they wanted to go to..... yeah, a bit lot like that.

I got things barely to stay within maintenance some days. but nowhere near my goal calory budget. Since I still lost 800g within the last 10 days, and some of that I just gained shortly before, I'm not entirely sure what to make of the numbers besides take them as some data I can't make sense of yet.

Second half of the week was better, not in my calory limit yet, too much starch, but less of a wild uncontrollable urges, and more input from higher brain functions allowed.

I am reducing starchies and keeping an eye on continued logging.


one kid is sick with a shomach flu, the other is young and easily bored.


On my needle at the moment: birthday/christmas gift to be: http://www.lanamania.de/lanamania-garne/pearl/

for those with ravelry access: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/japanese-waves-rectangled-shawl


Also for myself (but for obvious reasons not pursued much) http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kevathuuma

in the dark blue/purble blend of http://www.ravelry.com/yarns/library/lang-yarns-jawoll-magic-6-fach/photos#


5 weeks to christmas. Both kids' birthdays, and my mum's before then. Hubby is stressed for a multitude of reasons, the kids are ... sickly... I mean they got hit by the flu season and my inlaws... they are starting to get older... I don't feel good about giving these pest-infected-rascals to them... But I really could use a break


I have not been at training as much as I would have liked. Once because of migraine, once because I was just bone deep tired (that's not an excuse, I know) so Tuesday training keeps happening, Thursday keeps not, Wednesday dance class is fun and hard and good. Thurday dancing... hasn't happend yet either.


So in total I am training once or twice a week, and that is just not enough... But I am so very stressed with life right now I am not sure how to get more in without screwing up my batteries...


Water needs work still.

Sleep is okay, not great but >7h30, is still okay.

Oranges, apples and banana happen every day, but one I think this last week.


So overall. Getting there. some things still need a lot of work, some come easier, finally.







I enjoy lace knitting, especially with such luxurious fibre as pearl.

clever use of knit stiches over purl, sadly not in the patterns on my needle at the moment.

and this designer http://www.ravelry.com/designers/kati-galusz



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Hey, thanks, you two! Maybe you're right, @maegs, breathing and not pushing... it doesn't come naturally. Not at all.

And @Terra: gorgeous patterns is the one thing that always draws me back to knitting. I love the fibres, different materials for different purposes. So many different fibres and yarns out there... and the colours, making colourful things, so fun. But it's knitting something stunningly intricate, or marvellously complex, create something noone made before but having an idea for a design, maybe a pattern or a colour, or a cut of a skirt/shirt/blouse/sweater/anything and finding things that complement the idea and make it happen... so fun. Something I could spend all my days on, almost all my money, not ever get bored with (maybe shortterm but never for good) and yeah.... I may have a problem. But I'm okay with that.


Today I knitted 10ish rows of my third repeat (plus what I didn't finish of the second repeat yesterday) but had to undo all but 4 of those rows again due to the fact that I was ranger-multitasking at the time, and dropped the ball... and a few too many yarnovers, so repairs had to be made... finished repairing and good to go now.

(What I was doing? I was trying to teach bigboylobo how to crochet small flowers, since he's home sick at the moment and bored with it... he wants to sell them at the christmas bazar they have at his school... turns out: it's not so easy... Also we were watching something action movie... MIB3 or 2 or riddick... or something, we turned it off after a little while, because it just didn't work for us.)


Wednesday dance class is frikkin hard. I love it, but dang is it HARD. finally learned... don't really know how to describe it... a camel kinda diagonal step... standing at 45° to the front (mirror) drawing "front" foot over floor back to rest next to other, hip does vertical circle forward, while that is going weight is on that leg and the other foot walks backward a step, and repeat, then change direction (90° turn so other leg is "front") do two more, turn, do two more, and turn, and a fourth time do two.............

anyway teacher saw, praised and I utterly lost my steps again, common issue for me...


veils, not a fan, arms can be really heavy all by themselves...


Anyway. More updates soon, just wanted to thank you two for being around my thread, even if I update so irregularly.



Health - good to have.

Natural sunlight lamp - I may have to get that pointed at my face again, I have the "I don't want to go out and do things" again... I feel reclusive and am constantly hard on myself. Might be my seasonal thing rearing its ugly head. Light may help.

Family - I know a lot of people bitch and moan about their families. And don't get me wrong families, they all got issues. But if you have one. You should occasionally realise how frikkin lucky you are. And I am. Hubby, the kids, my mum, my inlaws. I am blessed. And I know it.


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We need a dislike button!!!  Hope you get feeling better soon!  


I have an old Ravelry account and a beautiful bin of yarn.  I have rudimentary crochet skills and always wanted to do more...  Maybe it will something to pick up in the future when life isn't hurling at me 100 MPH (161 kph).  It all sits next to my cross stitch bin of supplies.  :tickled_pink:

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I am a strong little powerhouse 

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Hey folks,


Tiny rant incoming:

I feel miserable in a really annoying way: I know I'm not a failure. I know I am moving forward. Kinda. I know I have LDD, so taking care of light-levels, vitamins and nutrition in general is important, so is working out, going for walks and rarara. I know this. But the title of this challenge says "enough stalling" and it feels like I still am. Stalling, that is. I know as long as I keep moving in the rght direction I'll be alright and eventually I'll get to where I am headed... but dang it I am so aggravated with my pace it's really, really annoying!



So a.n.y.wayyy...... the older one is still at home sick... 2 weeks now. He missed a LOT of classes, but he needs to be healthy to go to school, so I'm pressing the doc for more tests and some better ideas to make this happen. Later today (after parents café at kindy toopic "school start" this time around...) I'll get on the phone and ask the various teachers what work my kid can do at home, so he can start catching up. some time soonish.

"Our Home" app for android is a godsent... chores get points assigned, who does them gets points, rewards await... I saved up lots and lots so my kids will do the cooking 3x in the next few weeks (admittedly that is only marginally relaxing for me, since I still have a lot of assisting to do, but in the long run... they won't stay 12 and 5 forever...).

Plus I also got myself a movie night with them, so that will be F.U.N.


Knitting comes along well... nowhere near what I need to do to get 30 or even 35 patterns done before Dec 20th, but it's growing fast and MAYBE I don't actually need 30/35 pattern repeats afterall... we'll see how far I get.


BabyMagneto's bday coming up next week saturday... need more arts and crafts to get invites out...

BigBoyLobo's bday is on the 14th, and he maybe wants to do the cinema thing... we're still negotiating.


December. Such a weird month.

But hey: survived November so far. Even if Patience is a thing that I lack.







Artistic drive. I think I woul dgo bonkers if I couldn't express myself somehow. I know there's people out there that are happy without any art of handicrafts or whatnot... I am not that person.

Floorboards. Floordrobe is slowly but surely diying. I can see floorboards. And not just a few. And doubly: the appartment was nice and tidy for my birthday: and most of that is still there: meaning the laundry fight is being won while the rest doesn't degrade... I am gonna win this fight.





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Time to close this challenge down. Take stock and move on.


Week 4 I tracked five of the seven days in MFP one of them actually within my calory budget. It's tough, but I feel like I am improving, even though I constantly write here how I am not doing what I stated my goals to be, I feel like I am improving: I log more, I think healthy thoughts about food, the crazy NEED to eat like a dickhead has subsided, it's not all gone, obviously, but I feel like I'm in charge again... Next challenge will be more of the same, with even more logging, more sleep, water and cleaning, maybe I'll include an update-on-thread item to the list.


I am happy with the progress of both the crocheted dread-net/hairband (done!) and the xmas monster (6 of originally 30 or 35 planned pattern repeats, but guesstimating that somewhere between 12 and 18 it will be long enough).


So much going on here. Gotta log off for now.


PS Gratitude

Kindle, cool thing to have a "book" stand up in front of me that I don't need to hold open.

Frozen food stuffs, when life goes sideways (or even if not) heating up food in a pinch.

My hubby and my boys, what would I do without them?!

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Hey maegs, I am sorry for making you search without success. I have not put up a new challenge yet. I wanted to. Sat down to write one up 6 or 8 times in the last week. I feel like... Barely ever have time to take a breath, and now the challenge is almost half way over already and I am not on it yet. I better get to it, huh? I even thought up a theme of sorts... or I might grow one over the next few challenges, it is rather more an idea for a theme... ok, doing it


done. It's up. Thanks for hanging around.


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Katrin the Morag Lvl 22 Cadet, half klingon, c-licensed trainer, mother of two, gaming nerd


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