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Gryffinkat goes to Hogwarts!


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For the next few challenges, I am going to attend Hogwarts!!!






School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Life Challenge


Here's the basic plan:

I've 'mapped' the Hogwarts school subjects to categories of life goals. For each challenge, I will choose at least three of these to work on; one has to be related to fitness, one to food/diet, and one to other life goals. As I progress in these challenges, I will then have a chance to earn OWLs and NEWTs in each subject, by completing a major milestone.

(To see how I've mapped the subjects to life goals, open the spoiler)



  • Herbology: clean eating
  • Potions: cooking


  • Flying: running 5k
  • Transfiguration: warrior-y things (weight training, etc.)
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts: druid-y things (yoga, meditation, etc.)
  • Apparition: scout-y things (running, swimming, walking, etc.)
  • Quidditch: adventure-y things + sports (tennis, hiking, adventuring, etc.)


  • Charms: sleep habits
  • Magical Theory: reading + self-help
  • Astronomy: performance (singing, theatre, magic, etc.)
  • Ancient Runes: writing
  • Muggle Studies: travel (+ photography)
  • Alchemy: finances
  • Care of Magical Creatures: charity and giving
  • Divination: My Epic Quest


  • History of Magic: writing, reading, background research
  • Arithmancy: numbers, researching my text (qualitative or quantitative), spending time in the office


Challenge #1

For my first Hogwarts challenge, I shall be learning to fly! That, plus some Potions and some Charms.




This is usually me with flying. But no more!


Complete an 'assignment' from Zombies Run! 5k at least twice a week (thrice, for extra credit!) = 10 XP each






Cook twice a week. = 5 XP each







Get up before 7:30 every day. = 3 XP each



TOTAL possible points

Flying: 80

Potions: 40

Charms: 84


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Current Challenge: Aug 2016 ~ My Epic Quest

Walk to Mordor: Hobbiton to Rivendell (458/458, arrived 27 April 2016)

Rivendell to Lothlorien (351.11/462)

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Progress Report: Week 1 (30 October - 5 November)

Flying: 0 PTS

Potions: 0 PTS

Charms: 21 PTS


Since the clocks changed on Sunday of last week, it's been pretty easy getting up on time. But I have been feeling poorly all week—mild stomach-aches and general yuckiness—which I've been using as an excuse to eat out (or in, as the case may be) and to skip running. I did cook yesterday, so this week is already off to a better start Potions-wise, and I'm planning to run tomorrow for sure. I figure if I can force myself to do it at least once, then it will become easier to maintain.


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Current Challenge: Aug 2016 ~ My Epic Quest

Walk to Mordor: Hobbiton to Rivendell (458/458, arrived 27 April 2016)

Rivendell to Lothlorien (351.11/462)

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