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Hi all!  I am here because I'm tired of feeling, well, tired!  I am in my fourth year of nursing school and married with a basement suite to manage which have been my main excuses for not taking better care of my health.  The challenges of all the above, especially nursing school, have made me incredibly mentally strong (I'm not full of myself, I swear!), but I feel I am lacking in physical strength.   I am inspired by black widow and want to be able to kick ass like she does!  I also have some GI issues that would be helped a lot by cleaning up my diet, which currently consists of anything quick and lots of cheese and sugar. 


I'm starting with bodyweight exercises and yoga/some meditation for stress.  I just started a 4 week challenge in the Rebel guild but will likely move to assassins as I am inspired by the idea of mastering my bodyweight.  I would also like to try parkour!  Basically, I see myself at level 50 as a badass action heroine!! :D 

On a side note: Laidir is Irish for strong.  Strength of body and mind is my ultimate, super broad goal so I picked Laidir as a reminder of that.



Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly.  It's your masterpiece after all.


NF Character  Current Challenge

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