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Need all the help in the world..


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Hey guys,


new to the website but everything looks awesome. I've just recently started trying to turn my life around. I'm 6 foot and 320 pounds. At the weight it's hard to believe but I'm semi athletic, can move decent, and love to be active. I recently moved and joined a CrossFit gym after been away from it for 3 years. Starting at 3 times a week but going to 4 next month. I know the exercise isn't going to be what helps me the most. I need to eat better and I'm going to! Looking for some advice. I'm a grad student and have a full time job in retail, for now, but I'm wanting to clean up my food intake. I eat like garbage now. It's awful. Eat out way to often. Just comes so convenient when you're on the go. Any tips would be helpful! 





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Meal prep once a week.  Really simple things.  Tossing a bunch of seasoned chicken breasts in the oven takes ~5 minutes, then you can do homework/other things while they cook.  Steam-in-the-microwave veggies are a lifesaver, also fast and healthful.  I like making large batches of rice as well and separating them out into portions to freeze in plastic baggies (it freezes well for multiple months!).  If you put those three things together, you've got a good square meal.  Also, hard-boiled eggs.  And anything you can throw in the crock pot to cook while you're out and then eat for several days is super too.  It's not great for variety, but it'll save you money, time, and empty calories.

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Pack your own lunch.  When you work retail it's tempting to go out to lunch all the time, but think about this: what you spend on lunch is consuming probably an hour's worth of your wages.  Every day you're taking 12% of your post-tax earnings and handing it over to the fast food companies, just cause you didn't feel like taking a few minutes to make a sandwich or throw some leftovers in a container at home.  That's pretty lame, don't you think?


Lunch packing is an art and it takes time to learn, but you're not gonna learn if you don't practice.  You might start by setting a goal of packing your lunch a couple times a week instead of eating out.  Work your way up to 5 brown bags a week, or however many days you work.  You're likely to lose some weight just by doing this, because the same volume of home cooked food almost automatically has less calories and junk chemicals in it than fast food.  If packing a whole meal is too much for you to contemplate, start with packing snacks (eg fruit, cheese, nuts) and skipping the chips and candy at afternoon break.


by the way, it's great that you've gotten into Crossfit, but if you're living on a retail wage and you feel you don't have enough time in your day, you might wanna think about whether Crossfit's time and $$ are appropriate for your budget.  You can get a decent workout in way less than an hour, and you can do it for way less than $200/month (or whatever your gym charges).  If Crossfit truly motivates you, then it's worth it, but keep in mind it's not the only option.

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Meal prep is an awesome way to get ahead of the curve.  I make a week's worth of lunch and freeze them on Sunday.  Then I thaw them as I need them through the week.  Just a roasted sweet potato, some chicken, and a raw green veggie (it'll cook when you heat it up) goes a long way. 


For breakfast I'll boil a half dozen eggs ahead of time and just grab one with some fruit and a yogurt.  If you want you can make overnight oats in jars for the week ahead of time, but I got lazy and decided I can eat plain yogurt.


I cook dinner so that isn't an issue for me, but you might want to consider planning dinner as well.  I'd say shake up the meats and proteins and freeze.  Maybe look into prepping things you can put in the oven when you get home or in a crock pot/slow cooker before you leave.

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During the colder months, I also find soups/stews extremely helpful. Cook a really big pot on sunday afternoon. (Might take three or four hours. 30-40 minutes of which to actually prepare stuff, rest of the time is just staying near the oven so you won't accidemtally burn the house down). Eat soup on sunday evening, then put the entire pot into the fridge. If you have a microwave at work, you might put some cups into a plastic container and take them to work so you can just heat them during lunch break. And if you come back home in the evening, all you have to to is to get some soup from the fridge and heat it. (Do not reheat the entire pot every day. Only reheat the portion you are definitely going to eat each day.)

That should easily get you until wednesday or even thursday. (A cabbage stew/soup or a borshtsh will easily last four days before starting to smell funny.) 

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Hi man,

My advice would be to look up easy recipes online and just do them. If you don't have the right pans and stuff, see if you can borrow one or buy one. The same for ingredients. If something looks easy and you want to try it, but it has a funny sounding ingredient in it. See if you can get hold of it. It's probably in there for a reason. The beauty of cooking something yourself is you get to eat it straight away and even if you burn it then you try again with something else until you get the hang of it. Learn a couple of classic flavour combinations and you're away!

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