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SqWAT (Squad S)


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Hi there and welcome proud members of squad s.

I am a bit sad that there are still no postings, but I think its because of the different time zones.

Ok lets see whether we can fin some kickass names for our squad. Btw what about


I kind of like it. Just slipped in my mind.

I am looking forward to more ideas so we can give spezzy the name.

Rock on turtle

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Hey Squad S,

I like both team name suggestions. How about we put them together, and make "Kick Squats".

Also, what is the physical goal everybody is most looking forward to accomplishing?

Mine is doing Squats and Deadlifts for the first time, and trying to maintain form while increasing weights. What about you guys?

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Hi everyone!

Sorry for taking a couple of days to pop up and say hi - I've been working on my goals, I just hadn't popped into the 6 week challenge forum this week!

So a little bit about me, I'm 35, live in Melbourne, Australia, and essentially my main first overall fitness goal (why I started on this path) is actually similar to Turtle's comment above - due to general mistreatment of my body when I was younger, and more recently a car accident, I do get a bit of pain in my lower back and neck / shoulders and I figured if I got a bit fitter and got my back a bit stronger, I wouldn't get so much pain. My physio is fully supportive of this so my goals for the challenge are:


- To get into a regular workout routine - I've been doing the beginner bodyweight routine for the last month or so and I've just bought myself a set of dumbbells so keen to build a workout with those. I'm starting the stronglift 5x5 program which is popular here and keen to see the progress I make!

- Be able to do 5 consecutive pull ups / 20 push ups - I actually did 5 sets of chin ups yesterday and realised that the problem I've been having with pull ups is that my pull up bar has a nice grip in the middle which works great for chin ups but it's bare metal wider out where you hold on for pull ups and harder to get a comfortable grip. Push ups I used to be able to do but actually managed to fall and hurt seemingly only the muscles involved in push ups when I landed on my hand / elbow so slowly getting back into those.

- Be able to run 1km without ending up a blubbering mass of jelly unable to breathe in a puddle of my own sweat - particularly as the main reason I often need to run 1km is to meet up with my boss who gives me a lift in to work and I'm invariably running late, so it's not a great look!

Level up my life goal:

- Work out what I enjoy doing work-wise and what I would like to be when I grow up so I can update my resume and decide if I want to look for a new job and if so, start doing so!

Good luck to everyone with the challenge - I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and seeing all of us progress towards our goals!



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Hi y'all!! Sorry I didn't notice all of this until now! Thanks for the private message, btw. I've never done a 6-week challenge before so I'm new to the squad thing. I dig the names - let's go for it! What's our plan as a squad? We basically just support each other through the process? Fun stuff! I'm about to head to the gym myself this AM. Long weekend of fun means a tough day back in the gym but I haven't missed a strength training day yet (my goal is to strength train 3 days a week).



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Welcome Kaleigh!

I think as well as supporting each other, there were going to be a couple of group specific activities but this is my first challenge too so I'm getting used to how it works too.

I'm getting into doing three workouts a week myself and am finding the most useful thing is having a plan and going in there knowing exactly what I'm going to do.

I was a bit unhappy Friday, had a bad session trying a new workout but planned it better this morning, did really well and deadlifted 40kg so I'm pretty happy with that! Though that's all the weights I own so going to need to but some more now - there are worse problems to have in life though!

Hope your session at the gym went well!



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Hey guys! Thanks for the PM, otherwise I'd be even later in my reply =) I've just spent the last week working/enjoying SXSW in Austin, so my body is in full recovery mode still after a week of drinking to excess and predominately eating food from trailers...

That said, I'm ready to get back into it this week. Good luck to everyone!


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Don't worry, don't let it distract you from the workout you can do today, or in the morning depending on when you workout!


Welcome and all the best getting back into your workout routine!



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@Quentin, I'm not letting it distract me other than getting mad at myself that I've now missed my weekend workout three weeks running. A part of it's been me being busy, and not forcing myself to make the time to do it. This last weekend was because I didn't want to go to the bar with jelly legs (and we ended up just staying at my place anyway....)

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I think getting into the habit of making the time to get started is the hardest bit - I am really bad at getting up when my alarm goes off to get ready to do nt workout, but once I do and get started, I get right into it.

Of course if you regularly have trouble sticking to a particular time commitment, is there a more suitable time you'll be able to commit to more easily?

If only there were 25 hours in the day i'd get so much more done :-)!

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Please welcome your newest members:

Mes1921 http://nerdfitness.com/community/blog.php?5377

Tanith http://nerdfitness.com/community/entry.php?4406-First-NF-Challenge

Do you have a name for yourselves?

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Suggested names so far:

The Squat Squad

The Strong Squad

Mashups Aren’t my Favorite But Hey Why Not

The Sick Squats

Kick Squats

Super Sexy Squatters


I say we wait a couple of more days for suggestions, then vote for one?

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