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quick, cheap, and nutrient dense

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I am trying to maintain a reasonable size and weight but since I cut out a lot of stuff, I haven't been able to get enough food in to keep up my weight and energy level. I try to avoid most grains, especially refined ones, unfermented dairy, and to get a lot of the bulk of my diet from produce. I am almost paleo but do eat a lot of yogurt and kefir. I don't have a lot of time to cook these days between my kids' schedules and my work schedule.

What should I do to add calories without adding empty ones or going broke?

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i had this same problem when i started out with paleo.

my answer: chicken, shrimp, hard boiled eggs (already said), almonds (already said).

for chicken, i buy packs of boneless skinless chicken breast in bulk when its on sale, and freeze it. typically don't pay more than $2.50/lb

at the beginning of every week, i cook up a few pounds, portion it out, and put it in ziploc bags. 1 bag ~ 120 calories, 23g protein.

also, shrimp - when this goes on sale, i get huge bags of the pre-cooked frozen shrimp. don't pay more than $5 a lb here.

when i bring the bags home, i portion them out - each bag containing about 100 cals and 20g of protein. The easy thing about this is that I can throw a few bags in the fridge at night, they thaw overnight, and then throw them on some spinach for lunch.

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coconut and oils (coconut, olive, butter, ghee) are pretty good.

as far as meat goes, lean cuts of pork are quite cheap (and leaner cuts of meat are cheaper in general so as mentioned chicken breast as well as things like flank steak, eye of round, london broil, things like that).

eggs are great, too.

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