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(( This post is meant to be in Roleplay - something I haven't typed in for ... oh... close to 20 years. I may use phrases and whatnot that are LONG outdated - like the double parentheses - those used to use used to denote a comment from someone's "mun" or "mundane" - the person behind the keyboard, and NOT the character in the story. Lines that start with a * are meant to denote actions, as this was what displayed on the screen when someone used the old /me command in IRC. Want to learn more about me, check out my character. Replies to NOT have to be In Character (IC) and I don't intend to reply to everyone IC either - no pressure, I just wanted to give my creative writing a little dust-off! ))


* Lenore enters, a svelt high elf of undetermined age. She has long, light blond hair, and pale skin that seems to glow with life and health and perhaps a hint of magic. She may have green eyes, or are they blue? She wears green leather knee-high boots over simple leggings. An unadorned brown travelling robe completes the ensemble, seemingly too simple for the mystery she holds.

* Lenore nods briefly and flashes a friendly smile to the room. She scans for a table and selects an empty one along a wall, where she waits for someone to take her order.


"Mead, if you please."


* Lenore drinks in silence for a while, contemplating her words. After finishing her drink, she drops a few coins on the table and clears her throat. She stands and addresses the room:


"Greetings, patrons. I am looking for supportive friends, adventurous types, perhaps Monks or Druids, but I am not choosey. I am out-of-practice and need to train my body and rejuvenate my mind through Mindfulness or Meditation. I am recently "respawned", whatever that may mean, and am new to the area."


* Lenore frowns slightly, "I wish to retire for the night, but please leave a reply with this barkeep, here, and I will seek you out."


* Lenore nods to the room again, and moves toward the door, her steps purposeful and perhaps a little too quick.


* With a slight pause at the door, Lenore takes a breath and exits. You realize she never removed her travelling robe.



(( seeking Accountbilibudies and working through the Level Up Your Life book. I'd like to lose 25lb and become more confident and even-keeled, increase my meditation practice and become more Stoic in my actions ))

Lenore, High Elf Druid

[ NF Character Sheet ]

| Challenges: Jan '18 | Feb '18 ]

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