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Elisanns' log of accountability...

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So I started this thread primarily because yesterday was a bad day for eating well. I'm just adding that disclaimer because I know what follows is definitely not the healthiest of eating habits.



Cinnamon raisin bagel

Large iced coffee



Brown rice with vegetables and turkey



3 slices of pepperoni pizza




4 Timbits

Brownie brittle

Strawberry yogurt

Peanut M&Ms


So yeah, lots of junk food, especially now that I see it all written out like this. My goal is to add more fruits and vegetables and conquer my snacking problem.


 Let's do this.



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Well, today was a bust...



  • Maple and brown sugar oatmeal
  • Mint tea


  • Green lentil salad with cucumber, tomatoes, and olives


  • Lean Cuisine chicken parmesan 
  • Cashew milk


  • Lots of trail mix
  • low sugar jello cup
  • 4 peach gummy rings
  • red delicious apple
  • baby carrots
  • hot pepper rings


  • Went to the gym today 
  • I had way too much trail mix this morning and hot pepper rings after dinner
  • Snacking is my biggest problem. Even if I bring less snacks with me, we have a snack table at work (where the peach rings come from) and it's loaded with junk food that I find hard to resist.
  • If anyone has any suggestions for resisting boredom/stress eating, please let me know :)
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