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India challenge


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Hi, I'm brand new to the forums although I've been a long time NF reader.


I'm a bit late to the party for this month's challenge but I'd rather start now than wait two weeks.


A little background - I'm currently in India on a 7 month 'holiday', in February I'll be completing an intensive Yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. My usual routine in the UK involves a yoga class 3/4 times a week, daily swimming, and weights. I mainly eat a paleo diet, although I've been gradually moving towards not eating land animals every day. So, here in India it's been really tough to eat paleo - especially my first month as I was volunteering at a school and had rice and veg curry for every meal. It's also extremely hot over here - so exercise is tough, think bikram yoga but worse for the sweat factor.


Anyway here's my goals:


1. 75 mins Ashtanga yoga every day except Saturdays - I have been doing this but not daily and not to full potential. My goal is to start practising around 6:30-7:00 am when it's cooler so I don't collapse in a puddle halfway through.


2. 90 mins Hatha/Yin yoga every evening at sunset - I'm currently doing 3/4 times a week but would like daily, so I'll practice before lunch.


3. Eat paleo for the next two weeks - Over here it's a bit harder to find compliant dishes, but not at all impossible. I need to stop making excuses for eating foods that don't make me feel healthy.


4. Walk for at least 1 hour a day - I've already got a pretty cool route that takes me down onto the beach. It's too hot to be doing anything other than a gently stroll in the sun, but anything's better than nothing, right?


Wish me luck!


Liz x

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Hi Liz!! Studying yoga in India is awesome, and something a lot of people probably only dream of! Your goals sound really good – I hope you find it as motivating as I do to share them here. All the yoga sounds pretty intense, but you're obviously very serious about it, so I'm sure you'll do great!

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Update on progress so far:



I did 75 minutes of Ashtanga in the morning although it was at 8:30, not 6:30 - I'm not too fussed on the timings for now but they'll be a focus for next month.

I walked about 1hr30mins, though I kept forgetting to switch my stopwatch on, so may have been a little more than that.

I ate paleo except I had a paneer (cheese) curry for dinner - not too bad really, it's hard for me here because I don't eat meat here and there was no fish on the menu this day so I picked the cheese option.

No evening yoga as I was still out and about walking - not sure if this is a valid excuse.


Monday (today)

No physical yoga today as I (TMI warning) started my period and I don't practice on the first day. I have done some seated meditation and restorative yoga though.

I've walked about an hour today, nearly didn't though as it looked like a storm was about to start earlier!

Mostly paleo today except 2 roti with a prawn curry. Decided tonight that I'll order a side of veggies in future with a curry.


Feeling pretty unmotivated today - at home I have an exercise buddy that I work with and we're always signing up to classes together and going on walks at lunch time, here I'm solo so it's all up to me. I think I've made a good start though :).

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