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Floor Tiles for Home Gym?


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Hey ya'll! Does anyone have any recommendations for some floor tiles for a movement space? I'm looking at some foam jobs on Amazon, wondering if anyone has specific experience with a particular material or brand.


This is a pretty raw room in a mostly unfinished basement - dry wall and insulation, but no heat, (I use a space heater), and - UGH - concrete floors. I want to find some affordable floor tiles that will make it more comfortable and safe to do bodyweight work, including very light tumbling like back extension rolls and stuff like that. 


Also (in case you know my jam) this is a secondary space, so I don't need anything super heavy duty to hold up under a power rack or whatever, just durable, comfortable and safe to put under a space heater since that's how this will get me through the winter.


Thanks in advance!


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Just from eyeballing the weight room at the Y, I think they use cheap linoleum tile.  I have no clue if you can put a space heater on it safely though.


Random thought, what about those snap-together garage floors?  You might be able to make yourself a floor that's space heater save and super heavy-duty.  I know you said no power rack, but it'll take abuse.

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