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Alright. Zero week is sadly over, (ZERO WEEK!)  And it's time to get to the challenge. In the true spirit of zero week (unlike that fake zero week I had last challenge), what I thought was going to need to be done is somewhat different that what actually needs to be done. But the spirit remains, December will be CHILLLLLLL





Sustenance. Eat and drink to maintenance. >SIGH< It's annoying to have to do this again and again, but I'm slipping after the holiday food shaming. Do what it takes, and take some leeway on non lift days, but don't destroy the good things that have hapenned. If you beautiful nerds feel like giving me a hard time on MFP go for it. 







 STUDY. 1.5 more weeks of work and then there's a big fucking break. Use it to fucking study. FUCK DUDE. Test is coming up in the new year. Let's make this happen. We can talk about the uncertainty of current work situation after the new year when I have a better idea, but cert is what should be hapenning regardless. DO IT. GET IT.






Do the thing everyday. I balked OVER GMB vs GMT cause moneys. I have a ton of expenses between the holidays, a Kung Fu trip in early January and all this BS approved equipment for the meet I apparently have to purchase. So I'm doing the NF yoga everyday challenge as a way to monitor and be accountable while still being flexible. Use this time to explore, use the paralettes (heck yeah I made them!) Don't go crazy but do the thing everyday.




The details of this challenge are now this week's problem.





I was going to wait for the end of the year to do this, but it's not technically a year worth of lifting anyway and I have the thing cause of the thing from the thing. So here's the thing. I started lifting last March. My weight hasn't changed much really after a (not the healthiest) 20# loss from September 2015. There have been ups and downs, and it's interesting to look back at the different approaches to training I've had in comparison to what my body was doing.


I took this last recent picture as a defiant fuck you to some loved ones that inadvertently made me feel badly about eating a lot over the holidays. If you don't believe in body recomposition, I'm not really sure what to tell you. There has been a lot of painful and joyful ups and downs this year... I'll copy from my IG the big tirade about it if you're just getting to know me. Meanwhile, the last 9 months in lifting heavy:






HEIGHT: 4'10"


March 28th




Natural Waist 28 

Waist 33" 

Hips 36" 

Thigh 19.5" 

Bicep 10"


December 6 2016




NW 27.25"

Waist 31" (below navel)

Hips 35"

Thigh 20"

Bicep 9.5" (Unlfexed)


And the IG the rant:


Oof, progress shots are rough. So is life. Real talk TLDR: Train smart, spend your time doing the things you love and that bring you true joy. Trust the right people, including your self.


2 months apart, not huge, but what's hapenning in my head here, well... Left is the end of September after a period of #overtraining and program burnout. I was lifting 2.5 - 3 hours at least 4 days a week and wasn't eating or resting anywhere near enough to support it. I didn't have the energy to train martial arts but forced it when I could, and during part of it all had a stage production that I performed in at night. (Cue excessive amounts of coffee.) I had a pile of emotional issues that were compounding the problem - I would train to forget, but it was never enough, and by the end of this cycle I could barely move in any way other than the Rx'd exercises in my (aesthetic heavy) program that I followed religiously... even tho I had started to hate it. I've always loved the grace and fluidity of movement, and here I could barely walk or bend over, despite the flexibility I had cultivated from my years of dance and gymnastics. I started to dread going to the gym. #Depression, #anxiety, and a minor breakdown ensued.


I had started heavy lifting earlier this year, towards the end of an #eatingdisorder #relapse - after a 6 year period of #recovery. I went through (and am still) working out a transition of negative to positive behavior, and lifting has been a big part of that - it has represented both sides of what I want and need, should and shouldn't do. It's easy to fall into extremes on both sides.


SO. After the burnout I took a break with zero activity (it's own special hell), and then, in an incredible stroke of luck and silver lining around a very difficult time, found @triumphstrengthathletics and have been under the amazing supervision of @loutorres since -  typically lifting only 3X a week for 1 hour sessions. I'm learning so so much about sustainable approaches to strength and fitness. My rest days are filled with martial arts, #movement and #gymnastics conditioning, and walking. Lots and lots of uphill walking. Daily #yoga and #dance #flow.


Fast forward to yesterday (on the right.)  Several pounds heavier than September, with a regular intake almost 1000cals higher than it was a year ago, not to mention that this shot was after several days of IDGAF Thanksgiving eating. I have energy to work on everything I love and don't walk around with foggy zombie brain anymore. It's barely been 2 months and there is no question that this combination is working both physically and mentally. PLUS on the strength side, I've been AMRAPing 13-15 reps on this summer's 90% bench (my weakest lift!) so things seem to be progressing  and I'm gearing up for my first meet (USAPL) in January, and then after that, might do a little cycle on the silks or pole perhaps. Or maybe something other thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I like that I don't have to know. I love the freedom to play and explore.


I look forward to the type of work I do every day, and trust the long term sustainability of this kind of process to allow me to follow whims and joyful turns as they come, while continuing to build overall strength and agility on the regular. I haven't been this happy with a routine in however many years, and do some kind of workout every single day. Except for when I don't feel like it, and that's fine too.



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ZERO WEEK!!!!! And I'm keeping things simple. Make the paralettes. Find a way to get rid of my old mattress, preferably donate it. Rearrange basement workout space to be more tumble friendly. Lift as per. Eat drink and be merry. Challenge details to follow, workout details in shiny new battle log.


ZERO WEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2 minutes ago, Emerald_Dragonfly said:

Hang the picture on the wall!!!


Oh yeah.... obvs. LMAO I'll just do that :P Undecided if I'll leave the shelf in there or not. Most of my more useful equipment is currently upstairs where it's warm and pleasant, but if I put some energy into this space I could see myself using it more and it could be helpful to have that shelf around. IDK, not gonna over think it lol 

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8 minutes ago, Blocky said:

Yay. You're back!


I was just out back for a minute... ;) 

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2 hours ago, RedStone said:

The details of this challenge are next week's problem.





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Next weeks problems sound fun :)



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Wild Wolf

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A wolf rises in my heart; against my darkness; against my demons; against my despair. I DECLARE WAR!


Romans 8:28 (CSB) We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to His purpose.


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I'm going to try to be better at following this time around.

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52 minutes ago, calanthrophy said:


My recommendation on this subject is always "Throw it in the street and set it on fire," but donating is good too.

(and now you've got a backup plan if you can't donate it)

This may be the best piece of advice transmitted on the NF forums. Bonus, make a one (or more) effigies of various political figures and turn your waste disposal into a political statement.

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23 hours ago, RedStone said:



The details of this challenge are next week's problem.

It will be here sooner than you think

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Warriors don't count reps and sets. They count tons.

My psychologist weighs 45 pounds, has an iron soul and sits on the end of a bar

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49 minutes ago, Broba Fett said:

+1 to burning the mattress.  They go up real quick-like. 


Voice of experience? 

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11 hours ago, AugustaAdaByron said:


Best way to start a challenge!!! (No, I'm not saying that because it's also what I usually do... honestly...)


8 hours ago, Urgan said:

Following along~


8 hours ago, Laghail said:

Follow party, join I must.


7 hours ago, miss_marissa said:



I'm going to try to be better at following this time around.


6 hours ago, Kishi said:



2 hours ago, ArgSki77 said:

Woooo ZERO WEEK...awesome video!


I will be here patiently awaiting those challenge goals



YAY HI EVERYBODY!!!! Imma keepin it chill this go round. Have a margarita!




5 hours ago, calanthrophy said:


My recommendation on this subject is always "Throw it in the street and set it on fire," but donating is good too.

(and now you've got a backup plan if you can't donate it)

4 hours ago, Laghail said:

This may be the best piece of advice transmitted on the NF forums. Bonus, make a one (or more) effigies of various political figures and turn your waste disposal into a political statement.


Agreed. First Prize.




2 hours ago, wildross said:

It will be here sooner than you think

1 hour ago, zeroh13 said:

Details are overrated. :P


Tomorrow Meredith is a champion at fixing my messes ;)


1 hour ago, Broba Fett said:

+1 to burning the mattress.  They go up real quick-like. 


46 minutes ago, Urgan said:


Voice of experience? 


Hehehehe.... is there a story here????

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Dammit forums I hate you sometime. I JUST wrote up all the stuff about how I did stuff, and then it went away, never to come back. SIGH. The original was spontaneous and funny. I will not disrespect it's memory by trying to recreate it.


Mattress: Some leads. Expensive. No donation options yet. Trying Purple Heart (my go-to) and local soup kitchen that I'm doing a thing with this weekend.

Paralettes: Measured out the pieces, ready to cut.

Adult Points: Teeth and eye appointments on the books for the next 2 weeks. BAM

Adult Fail: I didn't notice the Subaru the new neighbor drove through the hedges separating our houses. It's just sitting there... like Christine...waiting for me...


Full log and details at the, well, the full log... but here's today's lifty sans directors commentary:


T&F Warmup


Activation Circuit X2

10X Hip Switch 

10X Single Leg RDLs 17.5# KB

2X Lat walks ea side for distance 


8X 65#

5X 125#

3X 145#

1X 165#

4X5 170#


Front Squats

5X 65#

3X 95#

Next 2 - Supersetted with 45 sec planks

4X 110# Straps F on 5

4X5 110# Straps


Bonus Front Squats Cause I Hate Front Squats

3X5 75#

2X5 75# 1 sec pause


And that's all she wrote. I just got back from TSA and ate a giant sandwich that WAS NOT ENOUGH, so I'm gonna clean up and do some macro capping while I batch cooking round #2 :D 






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6 minutes ago, RedStone said:

Adult Points: Teeth and eye appointments on the books for the next 2 weeks. BAM



Ewww... I have to do this too... but I'm putting it off because adulting is hard...

Neutral Gargoyle Warrior with a dash of Ranger/Monk/Adventurer. Now LEVEL 9!  My Instagram

STR 78, CON 31, DEX 1, INT 21, WIS 13.5, CHA 4

Meet lifts: SQ 175kg, B 112.5kg, Dead 215kg.   Gym lifts: SQ 185kg, B 132.5kg, Dead 220kg

Nerd Stuff: Sci Fi TV, Sci Fi + Fantasy Books, Classic Space Lego, Warhammer 40K...

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