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Time to wrap this sucker up.



Nutrition: Eliminating processed foods, carb-heavy items and sugar is practically impossible during the holidays (if you want to have a social life, at least) so the goal here will be to avoid going overboard with the sweet stuff and not eat like a dickhead during social occasions. Other than that, stick to my current healthy eating habits.

Calling this one a success, like I recently wrote these may be the first holidays ever, or at least in a long long time, that I haven't gone overboard and undone most of my work so far. Considering my goal wasn't ideal nutrition but a more defensive approach, it went great.



Workouts: 3 workouts per week is the bare minimum. These will be mainly Crossfit WODs, but can be other stuff as well, especially when used to make up for a missed workout day. I'm also going to try and attend as many special classes as possible (Endurance/Running, Lifting, Strength, Gymnastics).


Didn't do as well here. Transition times are an issue and with mounting work pressure, at times I sacrificed my workout in favor of spending time with the SRLF (no regrets). Goal felt doable at the time of setting, but in hindsight it was somewhat ambitious. Lessons learned for the future, although I'm aiming to bucker up in light of the upcoming Open.



Dissertation: So I wasted a 2 month break without making any progress on my dissertation that's due for springtime. I'll be attending classes in December so the goal here is to carve out some time to devote on my dissertation. Since I'll be spending the holidays at home with friends (read: no family or travelling) I might as well take days off from work and devote them to working on my dissertation. By the end of the challenge I want to have at least started typing something.


Boom, failure. Not much to say besides that.



Fun and Creativity: I'm still playing TEW16 and keeping a storytelling log about it. I've also begun running a Planescape 5e D&d Play-by-Post game that can be found here. Both these activities will continue during the challenge. I'm also playing a Titansgrave tabletop game with some friends, although that doesn't seem to happen very often. Last but not least, I recently jumped into a Warhammer Fantasy RPG game that some friends are running. Yesterday my Special Ranger Lady Friend (SRLF) announced she'd like to join. The plan is to have her spectate a few more games, maybe occasionally roleplay a non-player character and thus slowly introduce her to the game and world. There's also the idea of me DMing a one-on-one minigame with her.

Played more TEW than I expected and writing up the shows has been quite fun. The Planescape PbP is stalling a bit, but I've joined a Pathfinder PbP game as a player too and that one flows well enough to keep me engaged. Titansgrave is still resting in its, well, grave and Warhammer is going strong, next session scheduled for Friday Jan. 6th. Last but not least, I should note the purchase of two tabletop games I mentioned a while back, a friend came over last night and we had a great time playing Dungeon Fighter.



Family: Last but not least, the family drama that's been going on for almost a year now. I'm planning to visit the parents during the second or third weekend of December. This has to be resolved.

I made the trip and had the talk. Must admit, we've had talks like that in the past and they never changed anything in the long run so I wasn't expecting much, but somehow it looks as though things have moved on since. Still waiting to see how it all plays out.



2017 Roadmap: The only notable exception to the rule about this thread containing ex-post discussions instead of future decision making. I realized lately that I'm willing to put stuff that came about by chance or other people (mainly my job at the ministry and the Masters' classes) at the backburner or even drop it in favor of the "serious" stuff I'm doing for myself (mainly crossfit and working at my professor's law office). Shocking, I know. My concept for 2017 is to be more me and to that end I shall design the yearly goals.

Roadmap has been posted, but with the survival of the 4 Week Challenge format and some upcoming changes, I'm really, really perplexed about they way I'll map my way towards those goals.

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20 hours ago, Endor said:

Ha ha ha, if it's low-alcohol you're not RX, brilliant.

For a moment I was intimidated by your ability to understand Greek, but then I rewatched the video and figured a dude showing a beer labeled "Free" and someone using the words "no alcohol" and "Rx" in the same phrase was a dead givaway.


19 hours ago, deftona said:

I am also a big fan of these videos so keep 'em coming. 

New Year's WOD done today, I'll post videos and photos once they're out

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On 12/30/2016 at 2:40 AM, DarK_RaideR said:

Roadmap has been posted, but with the survival of the 4 Week Challenge format and some upcoming changes, I'm really, really perplexed about they way I'll map my way towards those goals.


As a fellow curmudgeon, I'm not looking forward to the big reveal.

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Xena, Level 14+ Valkyrie Ranger

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Oct/Nov 2016


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