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Okay, so. I'm still struggling with a good routine and finding it. Turns out the holidays and moving all together don't make it easy to pick a good routine. 


I've been testing out going to the gym a bit later, but that has left me awake later, and sleeping in. So that's not something I want to do long term. I need to get up earlier, so I may need to stay going to the gym earlier.


Workouts have continued to just be light and sets of 8. Next week starts the real stuff. Will start planning that a bit more over the next few days.


Going to try out a few new gyms in the area over the next week, mine doesn't seem to be a good fit overall.


Apartment wise, I decided to rent my laundrymachines for now over purchasing them, and they get delivered next week --> which was a huge decision to make.


Still need to get some furniture and a rug but not prioritizing that this challenge. If I can make it over the next few days I will but not going to stress if I can't. It's final touches anyway.



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3 hours ago, spezzy said:

Turns out the holidays and moving all together don't make it easy to pick a good routine. 

I did this last year; I can unfortunately just concur.

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