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Crawling back out of the pit: Hugh vs Depressive Stagnation and Lethargy


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Well, it's been a while... 6 months or so I guess. I don't even have a clue. And the last few challenges I did here had pretty poor results.

For the past few months I've just existed. Nothing has really sat well with me and I've yearned for times past or future. I recognize the patterns and can feel the slow spiral into a fugue state of depression from which recovery will be so much more difficult.


So I'm back. Starting fresh, hence being in the REBELS thread :)


Last time I felt truely good about myself I was working out and eating healthy(ish). A big catalyst was access to a gym - the psychological devision between "workout time/space" and everything else was a great benefit to me. I enjoyed the workouts and the sense of achievement when I hit a progress goal.
So... One step at a time. I prepaid 6 months of gym membership the other day and that removes 90% of my excuses.



Will be updated and given more detail over the next few days.

Gym 3 times per week at a minimum.

- starting gently, I'll be looking at some steady state cardio. Not my favourite thing but It'll help get back into the swing of things.

- I'll restart my strength training with bodyweight exercises and the machines for few weeks, before moving on to free weights again. Keeping weights low for now, high reps to develop ligament strength and endurance.

- I'll add in some kettlebells as "functional" training too. Limit of 16kg KBs for now.


Started a digital project management degree recently, which has helped give me a bit of a shove towards getting my head out of my ass (and demonstrated a need to do something to immprove my energy levels).
- keep on top of my units and workshops.

- set up a weekly google hangout with my team AND STICK TO IT.


Karate / HEMA:

My course might end up preventing me from attending my usual wednesday evening karate class :( so I need to keep up practice in my own time or possibly go to one of the "sister clubs"  from time to time. My twice a week HEMA class needs to become once a week.
- Karate: keep practicing and investigate alternate training night. I've found that working through my katas is a good warmup for exercise, so might be able to kill two birds etc...

- HEMA: Limit it to just Sundays but work on quality training. I have been going through the motions somewhat lately.


That'll do for now. Will edit / update soon.

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good first week :)


kept it gentle thus far - just getting over a cold / chest infection has forced me to keep it that way, which is good. I could have easily over done it in my enthusiasm and gone too heavy or too hard and left myself very sore or injured.

Monday, tuesday anf friday last week. Mixed steady cardio and light weight training and finished with swimming.


Today: same again, sans swimming. 


I should plan things a bit more formally though, so as to avoid irregularities or imballance in resistance training.
So... still keeping it gentle for now as these first couple of weeks are as much about rebuilding the habit or regular exercise as anything else.



Warmup on cross trainer: 10 mins

Dynamic stretching

Cardio - treadmill: 15 mins: walking (90 secs) interspersed with running (30 secs)

 - Chest: 3 x 15 incline push ups

 - Back: 3 x 12 40kg lat pull down (wide overhand grip) & 3 x 12 40kg lat pull down (narrow underhand grip)

 - Shoulders: 2 x 12 16kg kettlebell clean and press each side

 - Arms: 2 x 12 6kg dumb bell bicep curls (both arms) & 2 x 12 12kg kettlebell to handed tricep extensions 

 - Legs: 3 x 15 squats & 2 x 15 16kg kettlebell straight leg deadlifts

 - Core: 3 x 15 supermans & 3 x 15 crunches

Finish with a half hour or so of gentle swimming :)


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good session this evening. 
Did cardio as planned but just as I  was about to do my resistance work, I noticed a kettlebell class was about to start and they had space for one more, so I thought "why not?" and joined in. It was a good full body workout with a good bit of extra cardio, so I feel I've done my bit today :tranquil:
(I just hope my legs don't ache too much for tomorrow's karate)

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On 12/16/2016 at 7:59 PM, IAmInfinite said:

Congrats on joining the kettlebell class! And how's your cold come along? 


Thanks. Pretty much ok now :)


On 12/17/2016 at 0:07 AM, peelout said:

Great start to this week.  Sounds like your gym has a bit of everything.


It does indeed. Not so great on the free weights (only one olympic bar, no squat rack, etc) but good for my needs at the moment.



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So, missed friday's planned session due to a veterinary emergency (my friend's guide/assistance-dog was in need of attention and I'm the only one with a car. He's doing well now).

Made up for it today though. Good session.
Still keeping the intensity low while I get into the swing of it.


20 mins cardio warm up

bodyweight squats 3x15

incline push ups 3x15

assisted pull ups (made my weight just 50kg) 3x15

two handed bicep curls (12kg KB) 2x12

two handed tricep extensions (12kg KB) 2x12

one arm shoulder press (12kg KB) 2x12 each side

straight leg dead lifts (16kg KB) 3x12

two handed upright row (16kg KB) 3x12

one handed bent over row (16kg KB) 3x12 each side

crunches 2x20

supermans 2x20

20 mins cardio cool down

quick swim and 5 mins in hot tub to wind down ;-)


Feeling good.


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So, this challenge kinda fell by the wayside over xmas. It's been somewhat of a fail all across the board this past couple of weeks (various illnesses, emergencies and let downs fro m friends and family).
It wasn't going too bad for the first couple of weeks. My main idea of making exercise in the gym a regular occurrence has been mostly successful, so there's that :eagerness:
I'm going to sign off this thread now and consider my next move. It will be a 4wC but I'm not certain how it will manifest...

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