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2 Q's: Dumbbell collars / circuit dumbbell workout?

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Hi everyone,

After trying the Stronglift 5x5 program, I'm not sure it's right for me just now, for several reasons:

- I really can't seem to get the hang of changing the plates on my dumbbells in the middle of my workout and it really throws my momentum, even if I only have to do it a couple of times

- I actually much prefer a 'circuit' style of exercise where you go straight from one thing to the next - I'm not good at sitting around for a couple of mins in between sets of the same exercise!

- I can't seem to get the weight right - the calculator says to use (start) 20kg for squats, and bench press, which I can do fine, overhead press, which I can barely do, and 40kg for deadlift which I just can't do (actually probably could have done at least one set if I'd done it first, but I did it last). Maybe my life to date has just made me better at some and weaker at others than the average person and it would even out after doing the program for awhile but I really got upset with it this morning when I just couldn't even lift the dumbbells when I went to start the deadlift!

With changing weight plates - I have olympic handles with Q collars like this: http://www.littleblokefitness.com.au/wp-content/uploads/wpsc/product_images/q%20oly%20collars.JPG - and I find that I have a very hard time getting the collars to stay on - I try turning that little screw as hard as I can and maybe 50% of the time they are ok, but otherwise they either slide to the end of the dumbbell as soon as I turn it over to change the weight on the other end, or more dangerously, the collar and weight come off one end as I pick them up - am I doing something wrong here or is there a much better style of collar I should buy?

Otherwise, I was wondering, is there a circuit dumbbell program anyone has developed which uses the same weight dumbbells for the entire workout? Or maybe is there a chart anywhere with comparative weights for different exercises? As in something like:

(setting some sort of baseline) Assuming you can deadlift 40kg:

Overhead press: 20kg

Squat: 22.5kg

Bench Press 25kg

etc - and you could then adjust it according to whatever you could (in this case) deadlift.

Not so much to tell me exactly what to lift, but more so I could try and design a circuit for myself where on day A I set the weights to XXX and do a set of exercise A, followed by a set of B followed by a set of C - repeat four more times. Then on day B I could set the weight to YYY and do exercises D, E and F.



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It's not uncommon to be "out of balance" due to your life experience. After 15 months of working on it, I can still benchpress more than I can squat for instance (which is very strange).

I've always had problems with the set screw type of collar. The spring ones (that look like hand grips) work much better for quick changes, though you may not be able to get them in the right size for your bars.

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Thanks guys, I think I was just frustrated yesterday because the collars were being particularly pesky, so I didn't have the patience by the end to lift the heavier weight I should have done at the start of the workout. I'll look onto those lock jaw ones, thanks! And thanks for the patience with my rant!

Re resting time vs circuits, what do you do while resting between sets (if that isn't you stupid a question!)?



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i've been doing stronglifts for about 3 weeks now and i find that i don't usually use the whole 30sec-2 minute rest. i just take a few seconds and then get back to it. i assume once the weight gets heavier i'll need more time to recover but right now, i'm pretty much good to go right away. i just set away for a sec, "shake it out" and start again. also, remember deadlifts are only supposed to be 1 set as opposed to 5 sets. something in your post made it sound like maybe you were planning to do more? oh, and i started my deadlifts lighter than he recommends. i think i started with the bar plus 5 or 10 lbs on each end. from what i understand form on deadlifts is really important so i wanted to make sure i had that down.

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Thanks ebm, I think I'm going to be similar to you there and I think once I get into the hang of it I'll be right!

Not sure what I was thinking when I posted earlier, I do recall that deadlift was one set rather than five (makes sense with the heavier weight), going to try that first next time and see how I go.

Also, don't think I did too badly yesterday in the end after all too, could feel it in my shoulders when I got up this morning (not sore, just that i'd worked them).

Thanks for the support and encouragement!



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