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Okay then.  November was . . . rough.  There were some incredibly wonderful moments, but a lot of very difficult moments as well.  I let go of things for a while just to keep my head on straight.  I woke up this morning feeling ready to get back into a challenge, and am excited to see that one hast just begun!


I'm keeping this one pretty simple.  There are about a million things I want to do yet I know that picking a few essentials will be best.  Here's a really great thing that I've realized about myself:  I don't need to look at exercise as purely for weight loss, muscle building, getting in shape, etc.  I can look at it as a form of staying healthy, regardless of whether I see noticeable physical changes.   I recently turned 30.  I want to set up a healthy lifestyle, which means building habits before worrying about what change will come from them.  And as much as I look back and reflect on how many times I've started over with habits, I also know that the ones that work have stuck.  I just need to keep moving forward one step at a time. 



I plan to stretch for five minutes each day.  I fully believe one of the reasons I've had a difficult fall/winter is because I'm no longer doing a regular yoga practice.  I loved the studio that I found after the summer but it has become challenging (and expensive!) to get over to each class that I want to take.  The bottom line is that my body desperately needs to stretch regularly, and I'd love to build a habit that I can easily do each day without making it a big deal.


Bodyweight Exercise:

I plan to start with ONE MINUTE of bodyweight exercise each day.  I have a set of bodyweight FitDeck exercise cards -- I'll pick a random one each day and complete that exercise for 60 seconds.  I know this won't do a whole lot for me in the grand scheme of health, but I need to gently start building this habit.  

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Nice stuff!  LOVE the stretching goal!  Never underestimate the power of stretching. :frog: 

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Welp, I haven't made it to the starting line quite yet. I still feel like I'm coming out of the November fog and trying to catch up on life I pushed aside. 


But that's okay! This may just end up being another low-key challenge. 


Something I did do today is set up a really basic budget tracker through an app. Based on my income and monthly expenses combine with a monthly savings goal and a couple future savings goals, I can spend about $16/day on personal stuff. It may not be detailed enough for long-term use but I kind of like the general money pit that I can spend on whatever or save. I have tried super categorized budgets in the past and while my brain LOVES categorizing things, that had too many pieces to follow. 


So let's see! 

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