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I'm taking part in a couple of challenges this month with the aim of consistency.


Yoga Every Day - 10 minutes daily yoga/mobility work

25 for 25 - 25 minutes of activity for any 25 days in December, doesn't matter what, just move - including virtual dance parties in the Ravenclaw tower! http://bit.ly/2g0vP83

I've got a jumpstart on this as I'm 5/5 so far.

If I do 30 minutes+ of yoga then it will count for both of the above.


Also on the list,

Make reading a habit again - at least a page per day, 5 days per week. Doesn't sound like much but if I can sit down and make time for a page then it likely won't end up being just 1.


That's it this time, keeping it simple.

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Smashing it again last week even with a rotten cold.


Yoga: 7/7, 19/19 for the month.

25 for 25: 6/7, missed a day for feeling ill, also took a rest day on day 1 of this 3rd week for recovery. I'm still on track with 16/19 for the month so far.

Read: 6/7, missed the same day as above, as I crashed out early and fell asleep with the book on my face! I've made up for it since though.

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Pretty successful month for sticking to habits - I didn't miss any yoga and the only reading day missed was due to illness - I've made time today to sit down, start on a new book and read uninterrupted, and got through a whole chapter. Hit the last day of 25 for 25 yesterday, I think the gym at work reopens next week so that I can get back into a routine there.

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