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So.... um, Hi!

I am looking for some suggestions on how to prepare for my first Judo class? 



I'm 28, female, not in good shape, but also not obese or anything. Just normal, hang out on the couch a bit too much shape. And I signed up to take a Judo class next semester at school. I know it's going to be a tough workout anyways but... Is there anything I can work on now to make it hurt less when I start? I'm especially worried about my flexibility, is there particular areas I should focus on stretching? I'm also (re)starting C25K (again) to try to improve my aerobic conditioning. Any suggestions? Class starts at the end of January, so I have a little time to try to get in better shape before it starts.



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Contrary to its name, Judo doesn't require a lot of flexibility. You won't throw your legs everywhere, you won't need to touch your toes, you won't need to do a split... What is important in judo is your core strength, and a general tonus of your body.


As you begin, you will first learn to fall then you will be taught techniques. But you shouldn't worry too much. At first you'll go slowly.


What I would recommend is general conditioning to improve a bit your endurance and your strength. You could do the beginner body weight workout 2-3 times a week. It should be enough for a great start.


I often see out of shape people showing up at the dojo. They tend to suffer a bit during the warm up when we do basic cardio and strength exercises, but they all do pretty good once we start the real lesson. Moreover, if you feel that the rhythm is a bit too high for you, tell your partner and he will adapt to you.

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