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The Druid Spellbook

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The Druid Spellbook

A collection of "Spells", derived as Druids implement their on version of "Beast Mode: 20 Seconds of courage"



  • Wormhole - The cosmos expands around you as you intently change the course of history 
    • Meditate for 1 minute
    • Set Pomodoro timer for 25 minutes and work on one activity to get you closer to your goals
    • If no goals are set, use timer for 25 minutes to set goals
    • If the setting of goals doesn't produce anything, 1 Pomodoro of yoga, meditation, or tai chi guan would do good for the soul


If you have any you would like to add please leave a reply and I'll keep this updated :) we can have some fun and cast some spells

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