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Leaving the crossroads


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"It’s been months now since I left the shaman’s hut.  Disoriented and alone I wandered the forest for days.  The pain of the work that the shaman did on my shoulder still lingers.  Not fully disabling, but ever present in the background.  I heard the sound of voices and meandered in that direction.  As I broke through the tree line, I stumbled upon a crossroads in the middle of the forest.  At the crossroads sat a small inn.  The sounds were coming from inside. As I opened the door and step in I was greeted with the sweet malted smell of fresh ale.  I pulled up a stool and sat at the bar.  Wallowing in my own self-pity, I began to drown myself in ale. The hours turned into days, the days into weeks, and the weeks into months. 

Finally, after months of imbibing far too much food and ale, something snapped.  Something deep down in the pit of my soul started forcing its way to the surface.  I set down the cup and stepped back from the bar.  As I walked out the door I came to the crossroads.  So many choices and I have no idea what waits for me at the end of any of them.  I do know one thing, I can no longer stay here.  I stepped into the middle of the road and picked a path.  Eyes burning from the sun, in worse shape than when I landed on this isle and a little hungover, I traveled slowly but deliberately down the road.  And so, my journey begins…"


Recovering from shoulder surgery took it toll on my body.  Im about 15 lbs heavier and i was already 15lbs heavier than i wanted to be at surgery.  Finding the motivation to even want to return was difficult.  I kept saying "next week. I'll start next week".  But next week will never get here.  there is only today. So I found my way back to the Rebellion and I'm glad I have.  I am ready and I have taken the first step to leaving the crossroads.  I will be joining you soon, fellow Rangers.

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