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I have decided to set up several sets of long-term goals. They center around recovering from a back injury, the desire to improve my health and overall fitness and to get my finances in order to buy my dream home. (This is currently a work in progress that will improve over the next couple of weeks) I have decided to start a Battle Log to keep track of my progress and to catch areas in need of improvement.


The biggest change I plan to make is in the creation of my Builder Goals.  In my reflections of my challenges this past year I have found that I can nail my goals in the short term, but after the challenge is over, I slide back into old habits. To prevent this I will create builder goals for physical fitness, healthy eating, water intake and generally good habits, that I want to maintain. I have decided that these will start out and primary goals during a challenge, but for the next challenge they will be moved into the builder goal. This goal won't earn more than 1 wisdom point, but I will also lose points if I don’t complete them. (I know this isn’t standard, but I’m not a standard rebel so bring it!)


By the end of 2017 I want to…


I want to improve my mind/body connection through the following goals...

  • Explore several forms of traditional meditation

  • Explore several forms of movement based practices (yoga, qi-gong, tai chi) and decide which one I can best incorporate into my daily life.

  • Practice journal writing 3 times a week

  • Write 2 letters a month

  • Read 1 book every other week (This means starting a new book no later than every 3 weeks)

  • Work on limiting my TV time to 2 TV shows or 1 movie a day


I want to improve my hygiene and grooming practices.

  • Brush twice a day, floss & rinse once a day (God! I hate rinsing)

  • Set up a regular schedule for threading my eyebrows

  • Set up 2 more treatments for laser hair removal

  • I want to learn 3 nice hair styles for different activities (One professional, one active one sexy)

  • I want to take “Makeup 101” class and get some good makeup


I want to continue improving my eating habits and water intake

  • Develop healthier eating habits for workday vegetarian diet (less processed and junk foods, more fresh prepared meals)

  • Learn to prepare 3 Afghan dishes, 3 Turkish dishes and to try 4 different cultural dishes

  • I want to make it habit to log my food and water intake daily and my weight weekly. (I will be using fitbit)


To improve my finances I will work on these goals...

  • I want to set up a “working” budget and practice following it. (I have a budget, but not super functional)

  • I want to have $1000 set aside for emergencies by the end of the year

  • I will either be in Grad School or a better apartment and job by the fall.


I want to improve my physical fitness through the following methods…

  • Weight no more than 270lbs by the end of the year

  • Making my physical therapy a daily habit

  • Start a simple strength training regiment

  • Swim weekly (This is open to change if I get a new job where I don’t have access to a pool)

  • Explore 3 different forms of self defense or martial arts (Plan on starting one full time in 2018)

  • Start exploring Parkour

  • Become proficient in Florentine flogging


I also want to meet the following physical goals by the end of 2018

  • Run 3 miles in 18:00 or less

  • 80 sit-ups in 2:00

  • 80 push-ups in 2:00

  • 12 pull-ups


Finally I want to have a healthy social life so I will meet the following goals…

  • Attend tango twice a month

  • Cuddle/movies twice a month

  • 1 group outing a month

  • 1 class or club outing a month

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Ambitious goals! There is a huge amount of work there to do, good luck!

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