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Good books or comics for world building and good sci-fi/fantasy or mythical epics?

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So Rebellion,


I've decided that I want to begin practicing how to draw, and to begin doing some story writing, but I feel like I need to read some more so that I can make sure I have a concrete understanding of how a good world-building book and a good adventure story should flow. That, and I just want to read a good adventure story. I want to read a book, but I also want to read a web comic with good writing so that I can possibly learn a bit about drawing as well. I'd consider playing an adventure game, but the laptop I have right now isn't very good, and I feel like a point-and-click would just be too distracting when I'm trying to focus on the story elements, but I may be wrong.


I like the idea of writing a book because I can do more writing than drawing, and I always assumed that drawing is daunting. However, I like comic books because I like the idea of showing instead of telling more, and for all I know, I may LOVE to draw and paint, and it may begin to feel more natural and fun than writing.


I have considered reading a Discworld book for something like world-building, and I've considered reading the Greek stories about Heracles or some other Greek hero who had to go through some struggle, or something like them, but in comic book form. I'm also considering reading some web comic I remember called Dresden Codak, or possibly reading the Avatar: The Last Airbender comics, if they're as good as the show or similar, which I loved as a teen. Manga is also nice.

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Check out the Saga comic series. Incredible and inventive world-building with a great story and beautiful art. 

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