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HedgeMage Rebooted

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So, for those who don't know, I ended last July by finding out I'd been walking around (and lifting, and climbing mountains) with a knee injury I'd failed to notice, and in doing so had worsened it incredibly, basically shredding the cartilage behind both kneecaps over the course of we think months.  Because I'm pain resistant, I didn't know I had a problem until I started falling down without warning as my knees finally gave out.  Since then, it's been five months of careful rehab and sitting on my butt trying to let my knees heal.  I've lost a ton of muscle and gained quite a bit of fat.  I'm grumpy and my PCOS is out of control, so I'm back to having problems like waking every morning with a dangerously low core temp, which makes it hard to get up and get moving.


I can't do upper-body lifts right now, because picking up weights from the rack, walking them to the bench or seat, then putting them back is beyond what my knees can do right now, but I did get a tower for my office that is set up for dips, pull-ups, and leg lifts.  I'm struggling with that a bit due to it being tall (I need a more stable platform underneath to reach everything because climbing on a chair or small stool is hard on the knees) and my recent body comp changes, but it's doing something at least.


Yesterday, I took my first unaided (meaning that I didn't use a cane or other support, I still had a babysitter in case of falls) off-pavement, unlevel, outdoor walk since the injury.  It was an anticlimactic 0.55 miles wandering around our back yard.  So, I'm starting a new battle log, but it won't be the usual lifting, volcano-exploring, mountain-climbing, training stuff for me.  I'm back to very minimal stuff, like counting steps and getting on unlevel ground in small spurts.  I'll likely not walk when it's particularly icy, because turning a knee in the wrong direction can take me off my feet for a couple of weeks at this point, and it's just not worth the risk.  I slipped like that once already this winter, and the damage was pretty bad.


So, yesterday's outside walk: 0.55 miles

Yesterday's steps: 3,187

"What's the goal here?  What's the lesson here?  What's the best use of my time right now?" <-- Rory Miller's "three sacred questions"

"Lacking in humility?  Don't worry, the bar will give you some." <-- Me.


HedgeMage, Orc Ranger

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