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ManicSpider's Fortress Siege #3


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2016 was hard for me. I came in at the beginning of the year wondering how the hell I'd get through it, because I already gave 2015 everything I had. I did get through it, but it was mostly paddling to stay above water rather than making much progress. 


Things that went better than expected: 

  • My job (even though I don't feel I did great, they keep giving me interesting work to do so I must be doing something right) 
  • My kid (he did much better at school and at Italian) 
  • My uni studies (only three more units to go after this one! I finish in January 2018, wooooo!) 
  • My cycling (I cycled about 4 times more than I did in 2015 - even I'm impressed when I say it like that, but it was just from 30 kilometers to about 120 kilometers) 


Things that went much worse than expected: 

  • My mental health (I had too many I can't do this anymore moments)
  • My lifting (I injured my knee, then was sick a lot - I think my numbers went backwards) 
  • My writing (I barely wrote anything all year) 
  • My weight 


My weight is a big one because a lot of my weight gain was mental. Here's a chart: 




I hit 106 kilos around March. At 105 kilos, I would have lost a total of 40 kilos. And when I realised that I completely freaked out. Soon I'd be under 100 and then guys might start hitting on me and if they were guys I didn't like that would make me uncomfortable. I wouldn't have my safety barrier anymore. So I just started eating whatever I felt like, give or take some attempts to put order back in my eating habits. I'm still not sure how to get over this problem. I think maybe if I do a martial art I may feel safer even if I lose weight, but it's not really my scene. And it's not even that I feel physically unsafe, I just don't like being made to feel guilty or awkward. Is there a social martial arts equivalent? I need to think about this more.




In any event, 2016 was a mixed bag but I feel 100% more positive coming into 2017! ^_^ 


Here are my goals for the year (and so also for this challenge scaled appropriately): 


  • Eat an average of 2000 calories a day across the year. I think this will help me with my cravings. I've made a spreadsheet which tells me how many calories I am up or down for the year. 
  • Ride 1825 kilometers (that's 5k a day) 
  • Submit 12 short stories to publications (1 a month, so 1 for this challenge) 
  • Go to lifting 2-3 times per week 
  • No McDonalds or KFC whatsoever. I let down my guard and then it becomes a habit because of the drive-through convenience. Other takeaway is fine as long as I stick to Goal 1 above. 
  • Start my Italian tumblr using nerd stuff to help myself remember Italian words.
  • Do a Powerlifting Meet. 
  • Do a Strongman Event.


Woo yeah 2017! Bring it on! 





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I know, I eat too much and 2000 calories is probably too much long term but I need to move downwards in stage otherwise I end up wanting a whole bunch of foods that aren't good for me :)


And I'm enjoying Heroes so far - I like the ARG elements, and we all got sorted into teams which was nice. I'm just about to go for a walk because that is one of the things I have to do today to help gain points for my faction towards completing the monthly quest ^_^

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14 hours ago, Lighthouse said:

Noooo I meant that as in you had a lot of stuff to do. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.


Oh you joined as well? I found that immediately I got sucked into the world and everything else dropped to the background for a bit. How're you feeling about it?


Ha, sorry, completely misunderstood ^_^ 


I'm really enjoying it! The Facebook page is too crazy to keep track of though. There are so many people who look nice but it's so hard keeping up :) I found a wingman on there though so that's good. 

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My 0 Week has been going really well so far. I eaten within my calorie limits, I've done some writing, and I haven't eaten any KFC or Maccas. I have also made some awesome spreadsheets that I'm very proud of with some automated functions. If you're interested, you can have a look here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eUnN03B_WFKhue1q_fxwG5l51gPBi21KGVZy8kFUaF4/edit?usp=sharing 


It looks like I've lost a lot of weight this week, but it's mostly I've been eating less processed food and so less salt. 


I had bench press the other night, and it was a good session, though a little disappointing because I my 1RM is down a lot because my training last year was very disrupted. We were working off an estimated current 1RM of 45 kilos (my previous 1RM was 53 kilos) and I managed 45.5 kilos for my final set. I hope to be back up to 50 by the end of this training cycle, and aim to have a new 1RM by the end of the year ^_^ 

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I've had a great start so far to the year :) I took my spreadsheet off line for a little to fix a problem with the cycling tracking formula but it's back now. 


Cycling is the thing I am doing worst at at the moment because it is SO HOT. Pictured - Australia ATM.



It's been over 35C alot (over 95F for Americans). I went cycling yesterday evening for half an hour and almost chucked. I was meant to be riding again today, but it's going to get to 38C today (100F) so I'm going to wait and catch up cycling when it starts cooling down a little. 


On the dating non-official part of the challenge, I opened and read some messages on OK Cupid. Then fought the urge to delete my entire profile (even though the messages were good, and from smart guys). So that's definitely a win on my trek back to attempted romantic interactions ^_^


I've added "Learn some Mandarin" to my list of things to do this year and I can say "hello" and "thank you". Everything is going so well that I am in fact nervous something terrible is about to happen. *looks around nervously*




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Where abouts are you? It got to 36 in Brissy yesterday and I nearly died. I really hope we don't get to 38...

Neutral Gargoyle Warrior with a dash of Ranger/Monk/Adventurer. Now LEVEL 9!  My Instagram

STR 78, CON 31, DEX 1, INT 21, WIS 13.5, CHA 4

Meet lifts: SQ 175kg, B 112.5kg, Dead 215kg.   Gym lifts: SQ 185kg, B 132.5kg, Dead 220kg

Nerd Stuff: Sci Fi TV, Sci Fi + Fantasy Books, Classic Space Lego, Warhammer 40K...

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I was in Canberra between 1999-2001 and I don't remember it getting hotter than 20... All I can remember is the ice...

Neutral Gargoyle Warrior with a dash of Ranger/Monk/Adventurer. Now LEVEL 9!  My Instagram

STR 78, CON 31, DEX 1, INT 21, WIS 13.5, CHA 4

Meet lifts: SQ 175kg, B 112.5kg, Dead 215kg.   Gym lifts: SQ 185kg, B 132.5kg, Dead 220kg

Nerd Stuff: Sci Fi TV, Sci Fi + Fantasy Books, Classic Space Lego, Warhammer 40K...

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So much winning here already!!! Badass goals for the year! I'll definitely be checking in.


You will for SURE hit a bench PR this year, no problem :)

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