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The Legendary Zoltan 4-Week Challenge (JAN 2017)

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Here is my 4-week challenge for January of 2017. This year I plan on doing some amazing things!




I spent over two hours working on my goals for this year. That top one is insane. Kouhaku is the biggest music show in all of Japan. It's on NHK every New Year's Eve. Watching the 2016 one got me all excited and thinking that I could totally be on that stage. I must be outta my mind but I'm going to go for it anyway. First step is to create my act. Let's get everything we want in 2017!

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17 minutes ago, The Legendary Zoltan said:

Kouhaku is the biggest music show in all of Japan. It's on NHK every New Year's Eve.


I've never heard of it before, but that sounds great! What kind of act are you thinking of putting together (like punk or folk or...)? 


What work outs do you do?

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What's up, Spider? I'm doing Gym workout 3B (I think) from the Academy. It's the one with lunges, upright presses, and chin ups. I still can't do a chin up of my full body though. I've gotta be able to do it pretty soon though because I've lost some weight. I'm probably losing muscle too, though. So who knows if my arms are actually getting any stronger.


Yeah, unless you live in Japan, you've likely not heard of it. Japan is pretty tight about making sure nobody uploads their TV programs to YouTube. It's a four-hour show and it's amazing. Literally EVERY big musical act plays on it. But they also had the PPAP guy on there as well. Ridiculous. Hahaha! I'm thinking of doing something death metal. I still have to brainstorm. I already have a freaking amazing idea. I need people to make a video of it though.

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Bah! I haven't actually gone off the diet, but I've sorta cheated and I'll post what I ate in an attempt to not eat them again.


I had a glass of milk with a TON of non-dairy creamer. It contains corn syrup. Can't eat that again.

I ate a whole apple with an ENTIRE JAR of peanut butter. The ingredients in the peanut butter are peanuts and nothing else but still, that is a LOT of calories!

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Welcome to Warriors!


A whole jar of peanut butter sounds wonderful and delicious yet also terrifying.

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