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Tabula Rasa and The Quest to #BeMoreHuman in 2017

Tabula Rasa

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Hello, warriors.


Short version: 26 years old female from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Loves Crossfit, loves weightlifting, hates running. Loves the Mass Effect games and wants to have Lara Croft's babies. Runs an online business. Focused on self growth, booty growth and business growth.


Long version: there isn't one.



2017 Goals (generaly speaking, so I won't bore you out of your mind):

- Get down to lean 52kgs (whatever that means). I currently weight 60ishkgs.

- I want to keep improving my lifts. Aiming for 100kgs on the back squat (current 1RM is 80kgs), 120kgs on the deadlift (current 1RM is 90kgs), 70kgs on the power clean (current 1RM is 55kgs), 55kgs on the clean and jerk (current 1RM is 35kgs) and 55kgs on the snatch (current 1RM is 35kgs). 

- I want to focus more on my career and business, and go back to school for a post grad/MBA degree.

- Improve my social skills/relationships.

- Keep improving my mental health.

- I want to have invested at least 12k by the end of the year.



Quest #BeStronger

- Follow the Danger Method program by @jdanger.

- NF Yoga 5x/week.


Quest #BeLeaner

- Track calories, macros, weight and measurements.

- 1800-2000 cals/day.

- Alcohol 1x/week.

- No fast food this challenge.


Quest #BeSmarter

- Study digital marketing related stuff for at least 4hrs/week.

- Retake the Google Analytics and Google Adwords exam to renew my certificate.


Quest #BeKinder

- Read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and start applying some of its principle in my daily social interactions.


Quest #BeWiser

- Headspace EVERYDAY.

- 5min Journal EVERYDAY.


Quest #BeRicher!

- Invest 1k at the end of the challenge.

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look forward to the after pics!


May Br0din bless you with mighty gains, and may your shaker bottle always be full.



...and, if you die...  Walk it off - Captain America


Level 13: 1/4 Giant Warrior

STR - 50 | DEX - 19 | STA - 19 | CON - 14 | WIS - 28 | CHA - 24

My food logging is here*: MFP: tyrsnbdr


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Week 1 Summary


Quest #BeStronger


2017-01-15 11_44_24-Microsoft Excel - DM Base (NF) - 15 week - Janeiro 2017.png 


I got all my DM's training sessions in and even did some Crossfit on the side. Monday's WOD were power snatches, tuesday's were pull ups, wednesday's were push presses and thursday's were thrusters. All things considered, I did great on the strength training department, even skipping gym on friday and yesterday. On the other hand, I only did one session of yoga the whole week. 



Quest #BeLeaner


2017-01-15 11_52_05-Microsoft Excel - TDEE variant with bf 3.06.png


I ate out on thursday and yesterday, hence the higher caloric intake. Overall, I think I did pretty good on this quest. Averaged 2k a day and managed to lose weight. The average of my macros were solid too (133gP, 132gC, 80gF). The only problem was that I didn't tape my measurements (I lost the tape somehow and didn't have the time to buy a new one), but I took some pics at the begging of the challenge. 



Quest #BeSmarter

I studied for only one hour this week. I need to put in more hours if I want to retake the exams.



Quest #BeKinder

Got zero reading done. :(



Quest #BeWiser

Skipped only a day o meditation and journaling.



Quest #BeRicher!

Went ahead and transfered 1,5k from my salary to my savings account. Unless something TERRIBAD happens, this quest is completed.

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On 1/6/2017 at 0:43 PM, Tabula Rasa said:

Focused on self growth, booty growth and business growth.

I like this. I might steal it.


Haven't checked in in a while. How did Week 2 turn out?

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