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PinkNinja Joins the Adventurers


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I'm PinkNinja. I've been a monk since 2013, when Adventurer was a little less literal. I've not done martial arts regularly since, well, 2012. But It seemed like a good fit. When they changed the classes, I started to swap, but to be honest, new people are scary, and at the time, I put a foot in the door, but decided I wasn't up for it. Sorry! I'm sure you guys are GREAT, I just was having a weird moment.

I'm a park ranger, and I love my job. I get to share the outdoors with people. I worked on a mountain for 6 years, but this past year, I was in a different position where I moved to a different park every 6-9 weeks. Now, I'm more permanent at a lake park.  There's quite a bit of office work, but I get to lead hikes & kayak tours, too.

Pretty much all of my challenges have been centered around losing weight and going on adventures.I love to backpack, and have even gotten to teach college courses on backpacking (paid to hike in not one, but TWO different jobs, how do I get so lucky?!) I camp, hike, kayak, I used to work in the park that was our state's highpoint, so I caught the highpointer bug and am trying for at least 40 of them. I've only got 3 under my belt, but I'm planning #4 soon, like probably next challenge. No, I haven't thru-hiked any of the cool trails. :( I have to work too much for that. I'm planning a thru-hike on the Buffalo River trail. It's shorter, and I'm even considering a hike upstream and a float downstream, but we'll see.


Tell me about yourselves, please! I've been stalking your challenges, and it sounds fun.  Are you up for taking in a nomadic monk?


Challenge 1 of 2017



1. Eat Better: Plan, plan, plan!
I need to get back on track with planning my food for the week. I'm aiming for level 4 of the NF diet, so I'll keep that in mind. But I know if I planned ahead and went to a real store for groceries, it would help my nutrition and my budget, instead of the store here with their apocalyptic produce section and frightening supply of meat (seriously, I can't find a real lemon in this town, but I can get every part of the pig from the pickled lip to the salted foot)

Each week, have my level 4 meals planned by Wednesday for the next week= 5 pts per week (20 total)


2. Sleep Better
Go to bed before 10:35. I'm going to set reminders to shower and get ready for bed, and then another reminder to go to bed. I'll use my UP and my phone. I work on waking up earlier later. Hopefully just getting to bed at a decent hour will naturally help with that.

Be in bed every night by 10:35= 1 pt (28)


Wealth (or lack of)

1. Stop buying stuff! Seriously. STOP.
Not going into my financial past, but I just consolidated a lot of debt off of some credit cards. I was doing well at not using them, then Christmas happened. And now I haven't stopped. I got a K-cup type coffee pot as a gift, so I bought a stand with drawers for it and enough to tea pods to more than fill said stand. Crap like that. I'm already moving into a smaller house and trying to downsize. WHAT is wrong with me?! So I'm uninstalling wish.com, amazon shopping app, and ebay from my phone. I don't have internet at home, so whew, safe on the laptop and Kindle. I will delete all my credit cards from online storage, so no more "Buy it Now- 1-click" If I don't want it badly enough to get up and go get my card, I don't want it enough to spend the money.
Don't buy anything that isn't fuel for me or the Escape. Every dollar spent on something that is not fuel =  -1pt

2. Get my Side Hustle On
I have 3 classes approved at a local university to teach Beginner's Basket Weaving Workshops, one each in Feb, March, and April. I need to figure up my costs, write proposals for at least 3 more classes on either basket weaving, soap making, or something outdoors & fun, I'm thinking a camp cooking one or maybe an alternative fire starting or a combo, or something like that. But I haven't used a bow drill in at least 2 years..
Also, now that I'm not a pseudo homeless park gypsy, I need to get my Etsy store stocked again.  If I stick to my Happiness #1 goal, I'll start producing things. But I've got to weave my mom's coasters. Though, since she doesn't know which color she wants, I'll get two sets finished. She can pick one and I can post the other for sale.  But she likes fringe. Ugh.

Prepare materials & handouts for first class, research & plan 3 classes for next quarter, and find out when proposals for next quarter are due. =10 pts



1. Get back on track with my 20/20/20.

A few challenges ago, I was working on balance and so I started dedicating 20 minutes to cleaning (short term stuff, like dishes), 20 minutes of organizing(long term-like one day finish unpacking), and 20 minutes of creating. That got all thrown off in December because it got a little crazy, holidays, then had to help sister with an emergency move. So I need to get back to finding that balance. The rest of my evening is spent however I see fit, but I have to do AT LEAST 20 minutes of each, except for Tuesdays, when I wear Batman jammies and snuggle with my couch cause it's my Friday.
Every day I am home that is not Tuesday, I will stick to the 20/20/20 rule. =1 pt per day (22 ish total)


2. Inventory & Organize
Or at least start on it. I still haven't finished moving in and stuff. keeps. happening. Like holidays and company and travel for work, and then I'm ARGH! and I run away and play in the woods (ok, so that last one is all me).  I'm going to pick a home inventory app and start filling it up. I'm going to start with my camping gear because that'll make me happy and because I need to reorganize it. I had some of it in long term storage, and then as soon as I started moving, mom needed some to "decorate her classroom". I got it all back (I THINK) But my DOTH bag is all scattered, and I'm feeling an itch to use it soon. Plus, I got a couple of cool new toys for Christmas and I have to give them their home. (Like a really cool collapsible solar lantern, A BOWCASE! & NEW ARROWS!, and a manufactured underquilt! I can retire my butchered wal-mart sleeping bag!)

Inventory and organize all of my backpacking & camping gear by Feb. 4th. Make sure it is mostly all added into KnowYourStuff- = 20pts



*Adventure Bonus*

I have everything I need to kayak in colder weather. It's not top of the line, but it's adequate. I have put off using it for at least a couple of years. That's going to stop. I WANT to do it, I just talk myself out of it. I'll go kayaking between now and Feb. 2nd (to clarify, on flat water)

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We've kind of gotten away from having a general chat thread - I think most of our chatting tends to be in threads, so you didn't miss it! I think a lot of us feel that people are scary, which might contribute to that. Way to have enough courage to put up your post! :chuncky:


We are always willing to take in new Adventurer's, particularly someone who fits in so well with the updated Adventurer theme! So come on in and get comfy. 


Hi! I'm Sylvaa, I became a Guild Ambassador a few challenges ago and take my duties seriously (which also includes liberal amounts of exclamation points - I'm kind of like that in real life too!). I like to hike a lot, however as I live in the Northeast US, this is my off season. I've done short (<1 day Appalachian hikes) and dream of a thru hike! Super excited to see your challenge! 

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Don't worry about scary new people because you know the Monks will be invading. My beloved is thinking about doing more camping next summer and I'm working on convincing her we need to come to your park. She used to hike the AT quite a bit. She is talking about doing more primitive camping too so I might be bending your ear about gear. The only camping I've done is car camping at an established campground near a river. 


Hiking the Buffalo River trail and floating back down sounds like a lot of fun. We should also plan a trip sometime to hit Tom Sauk here in Missouri.


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joedog, level 15 Monk

Current Challenge

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19 hours ago, joedog said:

Don't worry about scary new people because you know the Monks will be invading. My beloved is thinking about doing more camping next summer and I'm working on convincing her we need to come to your park.


If you can't convince her to come this far, and I know with the alligators, you may have your work cut out, maybe we could meet somewhere further north. Wooly Hollow State Park is almost half way between here and close to there, and we could camp there for free. They have a lake and bike trails.


19 hours ago, joedog said:

She is talking about doing more primitive camping too so I might be bending your ear about gear.

I get gear happy. I have enough that if I could find someone local to go with me, I could supply them with pretty much everything except super cold weather gear. But I decided I need to dedicate my money to using the gear now. I have enough(and then some). So that would be cool cause it'd be like gear shopping vicariously through you. haha


19 hours ago, joedog said:

We should also plan a trip sometime to hit Tom Sauk here in Missouri.

I actually climbed Tom Sauk, but it was a long time ago, before I could appreciate it. It is already on my to-do list this year: "Climb Tom Sauk & invite Jo & Am to camp & go". I want to camp at Tishomingo State Park in MS and climb Woodall Mountain ( :rolleyes:hill) very soon. Maybe February. I mostly want to see the compass course at Tishomingo because I'm designing one for here and no one in Arkansas has one. And Tishomingo is right next to Woodall, so why not?


My guy has finally realized that my new location puts me MUCH closer to the ocean, so I think our family vacation will be camping on the beach this year. Meaning, no highpoints. lol So I'll have to get them in on my weekend trips

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Aha! You did move to the Adventurers for this one! I've gone between the two as well. Everyone is welcoming and awesome, as you well know. I can attest that Sylvaa is particularly fun to follow, and she'll be a great Guild Ambassador. 


Your goals look excellent. I'll be following closely, especially since we have so much in common! Just be kind to yourself too, because you've got a demanding list for yourself. Focus on that sleep goal so you have energy for all the rest!

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Human, Adventurer 

Level 4

STR 9/ DEX 6/ STA 15/CON 8/WIS 16/CHA 7


"Use what talent you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang 

except those that sang best." -Henry Van Dyke


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Yay meal planning! I <3 meal planning!  Welcome to the Adventurers. :) Come for the adventure, stay for the awesome!

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Level: 15 Race: Human Class: Adventurer (Sailor Senshi/Aes Sedai)

STR: 14    DEX: 12    STA: 16   CON: 28   WIS: 26    CHA: 15 

(unspent points: 6? challenges worth)

Weight Loss Progress (SW 12/5/15 272)

Mini-Goal: Get back down to my low 152.2 - SW 6/1/17 170.4 - CW 6/10/17: 166.6

regained the last few months - back on track losing in June


My Battle Log|My NF Character Sheet




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So first day of the challenge. I already did my meal plan for this week and did prep, cause it's my Wednesday. I'm having creamy chipotle porkchops and chicken zoodle lo-mein. They are both about as close to full blown paleo as I'm going to get, and they fit with level 4. My plan for the week is here. I've already had a the pork chop meal this week. I also froze one, minus the brussel sprouts, to see how freezer friendly the meal is. I already know the pork chops and sauce freeze wonderfull.


This challenge looks like a lot, but most of it is just getting back on track with things that I got derailed on during the holidays. There is no work out component because I sucked at that before the holidays. I'm going to take all the sage advice and get my nutrition greatly improved. I might add working out back in for next challenge. But for now, if I get motivated and do yoga or something, great. If not, I won't feel like I screwed up.


The shopping apps are uninstalled. I downloaded the "My debt planner". It's a little more detailed and trackable than the spreadsheet I was using.


My sister and I  want to go camping Wednesday after my dentist trip. If we do (my car is the questionable factor as the check engine light came on today), I'll use the opportunity to inventory & photograph some of my gear. :)

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I did my 3x20s yesterday without a problem. I've got some stuff going on with my house and can't go in the master bed & bath, so I'm living in my guest room. Which means I have the craft/office room to work in for the long term 20mins. I made a lot of progress.

I haven't bought anything, even though my sister sent me a picture of something at Atwoods that she KNOWS I really want and it's on sale.

I was in bed by 10:25 but my boyfriend didn't  call till after 11. We have plans for preventing that in the future. Mostly, me being the one to call him instead of texting and waiting. He said if I call, he'll call back on the house phone. (crap cell service for me)

So 2 points for yesterday.

I also made part of my meal plan. It'll be done by Wednesday. I think I won't even have to grocery shop. Except maybe a head of lettuce if I make the Asian lettuce wraps. I need to at least make the filling and freeze it before my ground turkey goes bad.

My dentist appointment has been moved to the 24th, so we don't have to wait on that. I had my car checked and the evap line is blocked. There's nowhere in town that can purge it. I have to find somewhere. If I can get that done early Wednesday, we'll go. If not, if she drives, we'll probably still go. I hope we can go. I'm ready. And I haven't gotten to ever camp with just her.

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If you want to save money with a K-cup machine, there are refillable K-cups that get really good ratings.  (K-cups are a pretty pricy way to buy coffee.)



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I felt like I could run forever, like I could smell the wind and feel the grass under my feet, and just run forever.

Current Challenge: #24 - Mrs. Cosmopolite Challenge

Past: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6,  #7#8, #9#10, #11a & #11b, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23

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We're camping!

I have better cell reception here than at my house! Lol

We got here late, but we got set up before dark.  Looking forward to hitting the compass course in the morning and then the highpoint for a picnic lunch. 

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4 hours ago, sarakingdom said:

If you want to save money with a K-cup machine, there are refillable K-cups that get really good ratings.  (K-cups are a pretty pricy way to buy coffee.)



I actually don't like coffee.  I bought hot chocolate and tea cups.  I plan to use it mostly for hot water for tea.  After I use up my purchases.  :)

I have 3 solar lanterns.  My newest little one is turning out to be my favorite! It's collapsible and doubles as a portable power back up for USB devices.



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I had a great time with my sister. I did buy a pair of sunglasses that were $5, so -5. Mine broke and I had just started driving home, so I stopped and bought a new pair.


I came home to a frustrating situation that I thought was resolved. I'm feeling really down about it and am going to bed. I'll figure up my points later. 

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21 hours ago, MTangel said:

Wow, your job sounds awesome, and you make baskets! I took a fibers class in college and made some, but I've never met anyone else who could. I'm looking forward to seeing your challenge!


I love to weave, baskets & fiber. I'm starting my example basket tonight. When I finish, I'll have to share some pictures. :) I  think it's cool that your college had a fibers class. I would have enjoyed that. I learned when I was very young. It wasn't until I met a lady that works as a living historian at another park that I made "real" baskets and developed my skills. She developed her character so she could weave baskets at work. :D She showed me a couple small changes and introduced to weaving with actual reed. I had learned using newspaper, telephone wire, and oddball things around the house. She showed me that reed was easy to work with, not near as expensive as I thought, and where to get it.

A college course would've done that a couple years sooner! lol

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On 1/12/2017 at 11:15 AM, joedog said:

The compass course sounds interesting. I need to work on my compass skills. 


That solar lantern with charging capabilities is pretty bad ass. What kind is it? 


I'm totally jealous that you're camping and I'm going through my gear to prepare for living room camping if the power goes out in this stupid ice storm we're having. 



The compass course was neat. It'll be super easy to do here with minimal materials and cost. I'm very excited.


The solar lantern is this guy right here: https://www.amazon.com/Rechargeable-Collapsible-Flashlight-Emergency-Water-Resistant/dp/B00YH0ZFIQ?th=1

I don't know if it came charged or what, but I've not had to plug it in at all. I've been just storing it in the window at home

I have another one that is inflatable, so it floats, but it doesn't have the usb charging. When I got the new one, I moved it to my emergency stuff and I'll use the new one for backpacking. :) Here's the inflatable one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00F5TIOXG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


And I think the ice storm wasn't as bad as predicted, right? I hope so. Camping by a lake with 75 degree weather is way nicer than getting ready for an ice storm. Sorry! If it weren't for these pesky little annoying things like jobs and bills, you could have totally joined us. We had enough breakfast left over to feed at least 2 more people.

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On 1/12/2017 at 2:08 PM, MTangel said:

Wow, your job sounds awesome, and you make baskets! I took a fibers class in college and made some, but I've never met anyone else who could. I'm looking forward to seeing your challenge!



I finally started on my basket last night. It's almost done.


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I'm at my wit's end.

This is kind of embarrassing, but I need to vent.


So, Dec. 17th, I took my dog to mom & dads. He's still there. I took him because my niece was staying and she's allergic. The plan was for him til stay until my first day off after Christmas. The day after Christmas, I found fleas in my house.
Now he gets a monthly flea preventative, and it works. He is at my mom's, flea free and happy. I make sure I give it to him because he has a flea allergy. If he gets fleas, he gets swelling and a horribly uncomfortable looking reaction. So I really don't think the fleas came from him. But they were there.
I got a flea bomb and set off 3 in the house. I used powder and spray. I got everything cleaned up and as I'm surveying my battlefield, thinking I've won, my feet got covered in fleas. :| So I did it all again a day later. Then the 30th, I decide since I STILL have fleas, to really step it up. I used NINE of the flea foggers, and left to go out of town. I thought my house might disintegrate before I got back. But hey! There wouldn't be Fleas!  I got home from a friend's on the 2nd. It was so strong, I couldn't go in the house for a while. I aired things out, opened windows. Then my sister came. She helped clean, spray, powder and vacuum the mattresses and things like that. There were fleas but only a couple. The next day, I vacuumed before I went to work. When I got home from work, I put on white socks and went to check things out. Still. Had. Fleas. Now I don't mean I had 2 or 3 jump on me. When I'm saying I had fleas, I mean I had FLEAS. Within 1 minute of going in my bedroom, there would be too many to count on each foot. If I tried to sleep in my bedroom, they would wake me up, so I moved into the guest bedroom. My sister and I have started making up a "flea scale" for the number of fleas on your feet in 1 minute to judge the severity.


I finally got over feeling mortified that I had such a huge infestation and asked my boss about scheduling the pest control. He said go ahead. (For those new to my life, I live at work, in work housing. It's usually great and there usually aren't fleas!) Pest control came out last Tuesday and treated the place. I went camping with my sister and when I got back Thursday, I still had swarms of fleas (is it a swarm? now I gotta know what a group of fleas is called, besides annoying).

We called the pest control on Friday. She came back prepared for war. She had an aerosol pump to spray under my house, she had stuff to spray in the air vents, she used some kind of foam, and used a stronger mix than before. I couldn't sleep in my house that night. I just went back last night. 

There are still fleas.

They're concentrated mostly in my bedroom. I'm trying to stay out to keep from spreading them to the rest of the house. I've got clothes all in my living room, bedding all over the place, and I just can't LIVE in my house. Plus, I got neat stuff for Christmas I wanna put up, but I can't, because my house is in shambles. I'm paranoid about how many chemicals have saturated EVERYTHING I own, but I guess it's better than fleas?  Except I still have fleas! I start to clean things and then I'm like, why? They're just going to come spray AGAIN. Then I'll have to start all over. I've been looking at the pet flea shampoo thinking.. I wonder if I should try that on myself?! but google said no.

I'm packing to go see my guy and the kids. I'll leave Tuesday night and be back Thursday. We're going to try to schedule pest control for Tuesday afternoon, since I wouldn't be able to stay there anyway. I'm taking my clothes to the laundromat and washing them before I pack them so I don't take fleas to his house.


Oh, and it is driving me nuts,  the first thing people are saying is "Oo! Get a dish of water and put beer/dishsoap/wine/sprite in it, then put a big light on it and they'll drown!" Riiight.. I don't think you get it. I'd need a freaking swimming pool and a spotlight. Anyway, rant over. I just feel like crying cause I want my house back. I feel like I just got it!



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Oh no! Fleas are horrible (I had an infestation at a rental I lived in - we were adopted by a stray). 


Unfortunately, I have no good advice. I washed everything in the house, threw salt on the carpet overnight (stayed with family), then vacuumed every other day for like forever (with mothballs in the vacuum). 


So I can totally understand your frustration - just hang in there!

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They're spraying again today. Looks like I'll be in a cabin for the weekend. At least I know ahead of time this time. I'm going to go home for lunch and pack a bag. Then when I get off, I'll go to town and I guess I'll live on sandwich stuff this weekend. I have my meal plan, but it won't work in the cabin. I'm going to take my yoga mat. That will be good.

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Pest control says that they have sprayed so much that they can't spray again for a few months. If this round done today doesn't kill them, I just have to be patient. 

While I was home for lunch, there was a flea on my sweet potato.


I have a new, temporary mantra. "I will not let a bug make me cry"


I'm taking my loom and my yoga mat to the cabin with me. I'm going to treat it like a vacation and I'm going to enjoy it.

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