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Here you can find a pen pal in a language you're trying to learn.

If anyone is studying a language and wants to practice, write your prefered language as a comment and I will add you to this post. 

If you're too shy to write a comment - feel free to PM anyone in the group you're interested in, have a discussion, both of you can learn some words and practice :) 


French Group:

Helix The Peasant


German Group:

Helix The Peasant



Romanian Group:


Russian Group:


Italian Group:


Spanish Group:



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I want to get better in German. I can understand a conversation pretty good but i have a little trouble with speaking German. 

For me the best thing would be to have someone who plays on the xbox one and can party chat with me and in that way makr me more comfortable with talking. + a good way to make gaming friends from another country 

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On 2/14/2017 at 3:27 PM, navis said:

I can exchange in fluent French, intermediate Spanish, rusty Japanese, rudimentary Korean or subpar German.


I can also converse in rusty Japanese and rudimentary Korean! :D I'm fluent in Spanish but only in my sleep... It was my first language because of where I grew up in Los Angeles. I was forbidden to use it around the house once we moved because "do you want them to think we're gangsters?", so I can only speak it in my sleep (still kind of scared of getting punished for it and I haven't lived with that parent for three years). I'm starting to TRY to converse in Spanish while I'm awake, but I overthink everything and stammer. lol

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Hey all!

I can offer German.

I had French in school 5 years long but currently are not interested in this language. I have also basic knowledge of Swedish and Japanese.

I'm currently learning Polish because I will do an internship in Poland in May.


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