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weaver is just trying to get through impending-baby panic.


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Sunday, January 29 (week 4 | day 1)

1. Did two rounds of labor-prep exercises (finally!). Walked to get to brunch and back. Fruit: fruit salad at brunch; kiwi after dinner. Vegetables: vegetable soup at brunch; cauliflower with dinner.

3. Planned the week ahead, read a little before bed, and...I'm going to go ahead and count birthday brunch as the third thing, because it took up a large chunk of my day and being social is important, too. KCZ: yes!

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Monday, January 30 (week 4 | day 2)

1. Only one round of exercises and didn't go for a walk or anything. Otherwise, did everything, although I don't remember what fruits and vegetables I ate. But rest assured that I ate them!

3. Read and signed my new work contract; requested reimbursement for some customs charges; dealt with a bunch of paperwork—this last one took a lot of time and also cleared up some desk space, so it makes up for the other two tasks being pretty small things. KCZ: nope. Boo.


Tuesday, January 31 (week 4 | day 3)

1. Only one round of exercises and one vegetable. Walked to/from the German conversation group. Fruit: banana (with oatmeal for breakfast), kiwi (with yogurt as a snack). Vegetable: sautéed cabbage with dinner.

3. Made a bank transfer; figured out some other bank stuff that wasn't easy—I even needed to call them for help; went to the German conversation group. KCZ: no.

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Wednesday, February 1 (week 4 | day 4)

1. Only one round of exercises and one vegetable. Walked a little to/from date night. Fruit: 1/2 apple (with oatmeal for breakfast), clementine (snack). Vegetable: leftover sautéed cabbage with lunch.

3. Made and sent an invoice; sent thank you messages to people who wished me a happy birthday (and left some birthday messages of my own); prepped baby laundry (gathered stuff together, cut tags, checked care labels to make sure everything could be machine washed around the same temperature). And date night! We have a bad habit of putting date night off, especially when the weather isn't great (like last night), but since we don't know how many more nights we have when we can just go out to dinner without putting too much thought into it, we went. KCZ: yes!


Thursday, February 2 (week 4 | day 5)

1. Forgot one of my meds (too late to take it now) and didn't get out of the house today or do a video to make up for it. But I got two rounds of labor-prep exercise in! Fruit: 1/2 apple (with oatmeal for breakfast), kiwi (after dinner). Vegetables: bell pepper (with eggs for lunch), zucchini (with pasta for dinner). The former was probably more like half a serving, but the latter was more like 1 1/2 servings, so I'll call it good.

2. Washed and hung a load of baby laundry (with a few nursing tanks and a nursing bra thrown in, too) so the cleaning lady can iron it all tomorrow and we can have some basics ready for wearing. The other day we got another drying rack because the one we had won't be enough once we're washing baby clothes and/or diapers pretty much every day, along with our own stuff occasionally. A new drying rack! Our life is so exciting! (We're still waiting for a coworker of J's to drop off a pile of hand-me-downs—it was supposed to be tomorrow but has been postponed to Tuesday. I'm getting pretty anxious about it all—I really want to see what all is in the haul, start laundering it all, put stuff in the hospital bag, figure out what we still need to get on our own...ahhhh! So little time left!)

3. Baby laundry; changed sheets; organized / pre-cleaned for the cleaning lady tomorrow; will probably read a bit in bed. KCZ: yesssss!

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Friday, February 3 (week 4 | day 6)

1. Everything! Don't remember the fruit and vegetable details, though. Walked to go to labor-prep class and, later, to get groceries.
3. Got groceries and read (finished another book: Wild Women Don't Wear No Blues) but didn't do a third thing. KCZ: yes!


Saturday, February 4 (week 4 | day 7)

1. One round of exercises. Walked around a mall looking for a birthday present and, later, to and from a birthday dinner. Ended up having no fruit but three servings of vegetables, partly because I had eggs and spinach for breakfast (well...brunch) instead of my usual oatmeal and then later forgot. Vegetables: spinach with eggs for breakfast; vegetable soup and a side of sautéed cabbage at dinner.

3. Didn't get much done, including KCZ—just needed to have a relaxing day. Did a load of laundry, though!




Overall, this challenge was...average? I started out really strong the first week, had a bit of a two-week slump (although without giving up entirely, and some of it could be blamed on being sick), and rallied a bit, although not completely, the last week. Through it all, though, I got a good amount of walking in (even if most of it was in order to run errands rather than for the pure purpose of going for a walk), ate a decent amount of fruit and vegetables, and did something to help prepare my body for labor. Also got several other non-daily tasks done and even managed to finish two books—since my goal is 1 1/2 books per month this year, I'm doing alright so far there!


Also made some major baby progress: started a cloth diaper stash, rearranged the bedroom and set up the crib, got a lot of the hospital bag together (hoping the hand-me-downs we get tomorrow will take care of most of the baby's stuff that's still missing), washed all the baby clothes we currently have, and generally bought bits and bobs here and there. There's still a lot to do, but if the baby came tomorrow, we'd pretty much at least have the bare minimum.


No more challenges for me for a bit, while I'm getting used to taking care of another human being (and also recovering!), but I'm already thinking about options for improving my diet and getting back into exercise once I'm ready, so I hope I can come back in a couple months or so!


Thanks, everyone!

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