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Aquarose: druid on a mission

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Hello fellow rebels! I am attempting to actually log stuff on a public platform for once. Maybe I'll stay with it or maybe not. We shall see!

Let me introduce myself!

I'm 30. Live in NC, USA. A woman. I love my motorcycle, my kids (a dog and 2 cats), and my husband. I like to run and hike but there are few hiking spots on the coast. I have been a part of the Nerd Fitness Academy for a couple years now. I lost 30lbs last year after my wedding and gained about 10 back after making mistakes in July. I am ready to go back to being healthy and feeling better! I am doing the quests in the academy so I might talk about that often. I am also new to forums so I am clueless about how to do most stuff.

And now pictures of my kids!!! Cause who doesn't love fuzzy animals!


Now my goals for 2017!

Complete the 2017 in 2017 with my 2 teammates.

Walk daily.

Eat paleo-ish on a regular basis.

Spend more time with friends.

Spend more time crafting.

Have more fun and less stress.

Ride....A lot..... When it's warm....


As you see I do not have a weight goal. I am going to try to not think about a weight goal. I know how much I want to lose but I'm making life and how I feel more of a priority this year. I think that is where I went wrong last year. I wanted to lose a certain amount by a certain date so bad that I did things I didn't like and are not permanent changes. This year will be different! This year is the year I make a change!


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Today I did a walk/run on the treadmill (cause it was gloomy outside) for 1 mile in 21 mins while waiting for food to cook. Working on doing at least a mile everyday.

Breakfast: bacon, eggs, mushrooms, onions, and leftover crab ragoons from Chinese the other day.

Lunch: sushi then coffee at my favorite coffee shop

Dinner: home made lasagna

Not the best food but I'm working on liquid calories right now. I have had nothing but water since the 1st. It doesn't take much for me to do this except for sweet tea.... It's so tasty!

Tomorrow is a "day off" and working on moving stuff.

Until next time!

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Been walking on the treadmill recently. It's been cold or today I chose to ride the bike for a while instead of going to the park.


Did moving stuff and housework. Made good progress.

Breakfast: leftover lasagna

Lunch: plantain chips

Dinner: slow cooker fajitas, ice cream

Run 1 mile


Work. Motorcycle ride.

Breakfast: lasagna

Dinner: ate at The Harp. Had fried mushrooms app and cheese steak sandwich with awesome fries (chips). Went to coffee shop after ride to warm up a little before dinner.

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Work, 2.19 mile run outside

B: bacon, eggs, mushrooms, onion, avocado

L: Chinese from Harris teeter (small amount before my run)

D: homemade burger with mushrooms, onions, Mac and cheese, broccoli, on honey bread, and bills cookies


Work, 2.33 miles run outside

B: bacon, eggs, mushrooms, onion, avocado

L: orange

D: leftover fajitas and cookies (Oreos and nilla)

I am terrible about sweets.....


Lazy day at home, 1.03 miles, not very motivated

B: bacon, eggs, mushrooms, onion, avocado, hashbrowns

L: none

D: PT's grille turkey sandwich, fries and Arby's mint shake

I really need to work on sweets in the next 4 week challenge.

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