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tried my first dead lift today!

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What is the lunk alarm?

Okay, get this .... it's a loud alarm that sounds if someone in the weight section drops weights, lets them down too hard, or makes too much noise while lifting. Basically, it's an alarm that allows you to judge people for wanting to lift big and then you can ostracize them so that your gym can be a "judgement free zone". You know, except for guys that like lifting weights. The weights are just for show.

It sounds like this:

Because that's not distracting at all.

Here's a good Daily Show bit about it.

I have a nice diatribe about planet fitness somewhere, but this is a good start.

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I have a gym at my work with more free weight options and no judgment because theirs not usually anyone there! I think I will start doing deadlifts there and do my other stuff at PF on the weekends. No squat bar, but an olympic weight bar. Also, I did 77 pounds today! I know it seems strange, but my gym has a mix of kilo and lb weights, so I end up with a strange amount.

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Kilos R Bettr!

You're slamming along, it is good to see you're enjoying the training :D

I like the effect planet fitness has on you people.

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