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Swifthawk wrecks Havik and raises the barre


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I joined Rising Heroes last week and have been sorted into Havik again :D I'll be working on gaining some points daily on there, as well as following:


Battle the Rat King *cough* I mean the hacker

I need to get back to Wednesday ballet classes as only having one Advanced class on a Saturday is getting me nowhere with learning this new stuff. The shadow organisation have been conspiring against me getting to that class since September so now I need to find a way to get past them (I'm now in a position to rearrange my shifts at work instead of those being set in stone). So the new plan is:

Wednesday - Advanced

Thursday - General class followed by Grade 8

Saturday - Advanced followed by pointe once my feet are up to it again

80%+ attendance and Nutcracker defeats the Rat Kingimage.jpeg

(Royal Ballet - Rat King from The Nutcracker)


Check in with the flock

Get in contact with my wing-squadron regularly to keep each other accountable and make sure that none of us end up just swanning around



(English National Ballet - Swan Lake)


Great Feet of Strength (or great strength of feet - still on theme, Men in Tights!)

Daily work on feet so that I can both get the pointe shoes back on and get back to running as I've got a Mad-Eye Moody virtual 5k that isn't going to run itself. A combination of Kate Galliett's stuff and some ballet-specific exercises.


Act 3

The final act, finish reading a book - yes, a whole one! I started reading The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson at the beginning of the month and I've set myself a Goodreads target of a book per month this year so that's the absolute minimum. I managed daily reading last month to make it a habit again so will be building on that and trying to speed up again.

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Mad Eye Moody 5k??? That sounds fabulous! 


Brandon Sanderson's books are the absolute best, though I've only read the first book in the Stromlight Archives. I managed to read all of the Mistborn books over the last two weeks though :P


And I'm loving the ballet theme! How did the first week go?

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On 15/01/2017 at 11:29 AM, IAmInfinite said:

Mad Eye Moody 5k??? That sounds fabulous! 

 "Constant vigilance!" Hogwarts Running Club, and it moves!


The first week went fine, I worked on my feet, got all my points on Rising Heroes and checked in with my group on there. All ballet classes done but unfortunately one of the kids in another class there has spread their germs around so I'm tucked up reading the book with cold meds at the moment. Will see if i can shake it off by Wednesday, if not I'll be skipping at least one class this week while I get rid of it.

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