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I'm 37, 240, and 6'4".  In the past, I tried my hardest to try to bulk up in muscle mass, but I never could, no matter how much I lifted or how clean I ate. However, I was able to walk a full marathon and run a few half marathons about eight years ago.  I swam a full mile in a lap pool here and there as well. 


I just read recently that one main reason ectomorphs like me have such a hard time building mass is because our limbs are so long, so doing a full rep of anything is significantly harder than it would be for someone shorter...which makes a lot of sense (less distance to move the weight, pushing or pulling it). 


Anyway, I am a software developer, and a gamer (shoot-em-ups and JRPGs are my top genres) and I consider myself a warrior at heart.  But with my bent towards endurance activities like swimming and running, my past failures with weight training, and my interest in boxing, I could be a monk, could I?


I never played regular sports.   Only sports I ever liked were combat sports like boxing, martial arts, etc.  I played competitive laser tag for all seven years I was in college...lot of what you use in the maze would carry over to the ring (agility, footwork, speed, accuracy, cunning, strategy, etc.). 


So where would be a good place to begin?  I know I need some weight training and I haven't done any in over a year, and I'd like to eventually get into good enough shape to spar someone in the ring and maybe compete in an amateur bout or two.


I just want to start seeing some results and making some progress of some kind.


Thank you!


- Bradford 


- Bradford "The Broadsword"

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