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Violetta embarks again


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Feeling about 80 percent today (though I didn't bother with makeup, which makes me look about 40 percent, lol). Did manage to get in a VERY tiny workout this morning -- just some pushups, a plank, and a little cardio. Hope to be able to get a bit more in tomorrow,and also catch up on the housework I've been neglecting!

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Thanks, @weaver! It really was. Not every guy is man enough to date a mom, but I'm confident there's someone out there who is! (This video is one of my favorites and really sums my thoughts on the topic!)


KILLED IT TODAY! Went jeans shopping with a girlfriend (bought a phenomenal pair, and they're even long enough!), then we hit the gym together. I got a killer workout in (cardio and full body weights), then came home and added on a FitnessBlender butt workout. Gotta fill out those new jeans ;) Beer Fest tonight! 

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