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Hey guys!

Now that we're getting bigger more and more rebels are holding their own meetups (yay) without Steve or I present.

This is awesome.

So - do you have a meetup set up?

I can start making a calendar, facebook events, etc - so we make sure everyone knows they're going on!

So - individual threads here to discuss potential meetups, but post here if you have one setup (date/place, etc all set).

You can also email me (staci at nerdfitness.com) if you want to hold one but don't know where to start.


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This may be late, but we have a DC area Meetup scheduled for tomorrow night, May 7th @ 7pm, at Whitlow's on Wilson in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington, VA.

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Salt Lake City Meet!!

The When

2 June 2012, 8:15 am

The Where

Arete Gymnastics (map)

The Who

Anyone interested!!

Enjoy a morning of parkour and gymnastics with NF's own assassin leader Ryan Sannar. If there is enough interest, this post will be edited to include details for a potluck picnic at a nearby park after a morning at the gym. Classes start at 8:30 am and last until 10:00 am. Admission is $5...I was thinking we could all meet up before class starts at 8:15 am. Open gym is after class ends until noon. Hopefully we can help Ryan Sannar get some instructional parkour videos made, for us and for his challenge!!

Please RSVP to klaymates if you are interested in attending this SLC Meet! PM me here or email at klay(dot)kari@gmail(dot)com.

We hope to see you there!! Woooooooo

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Klaymates, yours is too fancy :)

Michigan Meetup part 2: Electric Bugaloo (courtesy of Fink)

When: June 9, 7 pm

Where: Gusoline Alley, Royal Oak

Why: awesomeness

Here's the link to the Facebook event.

Extras: wear a star wars-ish themed shirt for bonus points! Or something else nerdy.

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All the nerds!

Confirmed (or mostly):


Klaymates and company (3)


Shukar and company (2)

Loren Wade


Vicarious Ink




Good eats and whatever else we can find/do at Scottsdale Fashion Square.



7014 East Camelback Road #5000

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Sunday, August 19th


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What :

The "How Many Nerds Can Fit in Seth's House" Event, aka the Big Boston BBQ.

When :


Where :

Seth's house + Tin Man's gym

Who :


BigM + Raptor

Corey + Mrs Corey

Spezz + mystery guest




Tin Man + GF?

Calvin + Hobbes


pax_bostona + laini?

Things to do :

Friday Night -7:30pm at Saloon in Cambridge

Saturday Noon - http://cambridgestrength.com/directions/

$5 at the door for those that plan on utilizing the facility. This ties in with the Fall Brawl For It All, but everyone is welcome.

Saturday Afternoon(~3-4 til whenever) - Seth's house. I'll be cooking up enough food for those listed above. If you want more, please let me know. The menu will be as close to paleo as I can manage. I have enough.. ahem.. liquid refreshments, but you are more than willing to bring more drinks/desserts.

Facebook event invite to follow? Until then, please PM me if you need to know where I live.

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updated plans

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Boston, MA


Saturday, December 7th

5:00 pm

Stoddard's Fine Food and Ale (in Downtown)


Likely followed by somewhere else.


Nerds are a yes:

This is Seth

The Tin Man


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