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Hey guys I am new here.

I 've got the following routine: 1st day legs and delts, 2nd day chest and triceps and 3rd day back and biceps.

I want to level up and try some strength exercises such us: deadlifts, bench press, squats, shoulder press, sled drag etc. Do I have to change exercise routine? Or I can add them to right 

day? (e.g.: squats to the leg day and bench press to the chest day). If yes, how to put the others that require the whole body (e.g.: deadlifts, sled drag) ?

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OHP can go into either chest and triceps, or delts. A lot of people would put deadlifts on back and biceps day, but you could also add them to legs if you felt so inclined. Sled drag I'd do as part of your conditioning, or cardio work.


Your split does tend towards a bodybuilder type split. If you're only lifting 3 days a week (with a day's rest between each), you might find you get more of a benefit out of whole body training programs. But if you go with 3 on 1 off, you'd be better off sticking with some sort of split.


At the end of the day, just train the way that makes you want to get into the gym. If adding these to your current split is going to get you excited about training, then do it.

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