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first competition since 2009...

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Today evening, I competed in my very first race since 2009. It was only a small, weird, not-to-serious event over a ridiculously short distance (aptly named "pasta sprint") - but still, it's a race. And it's a long time I ever competed. 
I must admit I went a bit nerd on this. Periodized and tapered training to peak on the "great day", loaded up on carbs and creatine the week before... and guess what: it worked. :) 
Placed 3rd in my run of 8, will probably rank 5th or 6th total in a field of 14. (Results are to be published tomorrow.) Expected a more embarassing outcome. I'm quite content with the result, especially, as I was nearly a second faster than my best training run. And on this ultra-short distance, a second is a long time.

Maybe I might enjoy that kind of activity again. As long as I stick to sprints. I am not going to race again over the olympic distance. Never, ever... (say never).

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Rowing, rucking, running, lifting heavy stuff. Why not do it all?

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At the beginning of december, a guy at the boathouse mentioned this particular event during a conversation in which I complained about my severly lacking endurance. "In january, Hellas-Titania (a neighbouring rowing society) is hosting the pasta sprint... distance is absurdely short, and every athlete get's three bowls of pasta for free. You're the biggest guy in the room with the least endurance, and you're always hungry. Sounds like the perfect event for you... shall I put you on the enrollment list?"

So it was both an opportunity that came up on short notice, but during this short time I did indeed train for it and I changed my programming so as peak on the day of the event. A bit extreme for a not very serious "for fun" event, but I guess I just wanted to prove myself that I still know what I am doing. :barbershop_quartet_

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Rowing, rucking, running, lifting heavy stuff. Why not do it all?

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