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Playing with peacock pose


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Just for the sake of challenging myself, last week I decided to try the peacock pose. I failed miserably, of course.




I think I understand the technique but my elbows keep sliding out to my sides. I can't hold the pose without my elbows firmly anchored. Any tips to prevent that?


My Battle Log

Challenges 1, 2,

Escape the Matrix Quest



Those are challenges I couldn't complete during previous 6 Week Challenges. While they won't be my focus for the next 6WC, I am keeping them here until I complete them. I WILL complete them.


Push ups challenge (3 sets of 30)



Freaking pull ups challenge (10 consecutive pushups)


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I'm afraid there's no trick to anchor the elbows, the best bet is to practice Eagle pose, especially the arms.  That will give you the strength and shoulder flexibility to hold those elbows in.

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