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Been missing, been busy


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So towards the end of the year I started to ask myself "am I really getting the results that I want at home"? Unfortunately the answer was no! I dreaded the thought of the gym sincee my husband who doubles as my gym partner has been gone on orders to Japan since November leaving me to take are of everything including our 3 year old daughter by myself (who needs sleep right?). So the next question was what do I do about this? The answer- I suck it up buttercup! Went ahead and took my scrawny but to the gym and signed up, got my daughter signed up for the kids club there and now we both go to the gym 3-4 times a week!! Since the first I've lifted 62,066 lbs and thats only what I've counted, I've actually run several miles on a treadmill despite being told I wouldn't be able to do so without extreme pain by my physical therapist. It's going to be a good year guys, who's with me!!!

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