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Mr. Six's Origin Story and Epic Quest

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I am Six.

Padawan Assassin



The Origin of Six




The fog surrounding Mr. Six had lingered like the thoughts of a former lover--and comfortably on the fringes of his thoughts.  For years he had yearned for adventure and fell into daydreams of never-memories.  For the uninitiated, never-memories represent a (preferred) fictional outcome for one's own history.  And for years, the never-memories seemed to be enough to sate Mr. Six's appetite for something greater than what he perceived to be a rather mundane life. 


Coupled with the fog of never-memories was something more insidious.  A dark and ravenous seed had come to root in the mind of Mr. Six long ago .  The seed quietly grew with Mr. Six's complacent assistance into a symbiotic entity whose tendrils had ensnared Six's mind and body to do it's bidding.


Despite his best efforts, Six had been unable to clear the fog and incapable of ridding himself of his  demon.  Then one day during  the month of December, grave news fell upon Six.  While Six had braced himself, the news still ripped through his consciousness and called him to action.  Never-memories, daydreams, and complacency could never again become the norm.  In these darkest personal moments, Mr. Six allied himself with the Rebellion.


These are still the early days of Six's journey and the narrative is far from over.




Six’s Ambitions


Like most in the Rebellion, I want to be healthier, stronger, and live more fully. 


On a daily basis, I will not anger or worry.  I will be present, grateful, and work diligently.  I will be kind.


In my endeavors, I will strive to create and act in a manner that is innovative, useful, aesthetic, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, thorough, efficient, and minimal.


Six’s Epic Quests


Survive Like Les: Primitive Survival



Epic Quest – 5 Day Survivor Man Style Survival Quest



Preliminary quests


1.      Fire –

a.      Successfully start a one-match fire.

b.      Successfully start a fire using a soda can + sun

c.       Successfully start a fire using flint and steel

d.      Successfully start a friction fire

e.       Build a working torch

2.      Garb

a.      Make natural sunscreen



3.      Shelter –

a.      Learn proper lashing techniques

b.      Build a platform

c.       Build a lean-to

d.      Build a snow shelter

e.       Overnight in one of the above

4.      Food

a.      Learn to make and use primitive

                                                              i.      Weapons

1.      Flint Knapping

2.      Knife

3.      Spear

4.      Atlatl

5.      Bow

                                                            ii.      Traps

1.      Snare

2.      Deadfall

                                                          iii.      Tools

1.      Fish hooks

2.      Hatchet

b.      Successfully hunt or fish using a primitive method/tool

c.       Learn about edible plants / sustainable harvesting

d.      Learn about primitive hunting techniques; incl. tracking, calls, etc.

5.      Water

a.      Know how to locate potable water

b.      Successfully purify water

c.       Trap rainwater using environmental resources

6.      First Aid



Bonus Quests


·         Eat a wild growing mango, coconut, or pineapple



Reading List






In Like Flint: Secret Agent




-  Complete ‘Balcony Challenge’

-  Reach elite level of physical fitness


Preliminary Quests

1.       HUMINT –

a.       Obtain personal information from a stranger in less than 5 minutes

b.       Develop my social intelligence/charm

2.       Invade and Evade

a.       Learn to pick a lock

b.       Pick a door lock in less than 60 seconds

c.        Learn to disappear into a crowd

d.       Disguise myself and hide identity from a close friend/relative

e.        Become a traceur

                                                               i.      Enroll in a parkour class

f.        Take an evasive driving course

3.       Firearms skill

a.       Take a basic skills class for a side arm

b.       Obtain a concealed carry permit

c.        At the range, get a “headshot” at __ yards.

4.       Hand to Hand Skill

a.       Enroll in Krav Maga

b.       EPIC QUEST – reach instructor / black belt level

5.       Oxfords not Brogues

a.       Own a bespoke suit.

b.       Speak 2 additional languages with reasonable proficiency

c.        Obtain passport

d.       Travel to at least 3 foreign countries


Bonus Quest – Organize a real world SPY game.



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An Adventurer like You (or Until I Take an Arrow to the Knee)






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Deviant like Lolish: Artistry






Not signed in


Rich like McDuck: Financial Independence






Not signed in


A Mind like Sherlock: Temple of the Mind






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Current Challenge: [Beginning Jan 2020]

Past Challenges: Road to Redemption  Spartan! 006 Triwizard Wonder (1/2) Bourne Foundations Storyteller

"Come stay a while and listen" - Deckard

"All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us." - Gandalf 

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