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Vibrantella Gets Strong

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Challenge recap (somehow, the end has arrived rather abruptly):

(BTW, all the data is from 5 weeks, including Week 0)


1.  Ketogenic diet with Intermittent Fasting - weekly average of 25 carbs and 70 prots per day

Overall daily average: 20g carbs, 71g prots = 100%


2.  Stronglifts 5x5 three times per week.  

93%, because I missed one out of 15 sessions (for a reason). 


3.  Walking to Mordor.  

Covered 188.15 km in the 5 weeks = 100%


4.  At least 20 mins per day of Reiki/meditation/energy work

Probably 80-85%


5.  Some kind of regular (at least weekly) stretching or foam rolling routine

About 80% as well, although it's less of a routine and more of "ouch, what can I do to feel better... ah!"


On a geeky note, during this challenge I also joined a face-to-face RPG with Mr V. and it's a lot of fun :D 


This time I didn't have a paper to hand in for my MA, so was much less stressed, and I also joined the veggie challenge over on the Rebels board and kicked the brassicas' arse ;) Cabbages/kale/Brussels sprouts are probably my spirit animal vegetable.


Onwards and keep on keeping on! :D 

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