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The Infinity Job


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It came as a letter under the door, like most job requests, containing contact from her, her employer, and the client. Of course, it meant nothing with the number of people she could hire downstairs, but people liked to keep up appearances. But Infinity was starting to get a bit restless with the inactivity, Alindel City running dry of the more interesting contracts. Still, Infinity did what she had to, to keep up the rent of the room, and sustain a living.

So, she wandered over to the folio and leafed through it. Steal a weapons blueprint from Pierson's office in Heoda Tower - the main area of new businesses. It was a risky job, but paid well, and apparently it was to recover the blueprint, which had initially been stolen from Dubenich, who was on the opposite side of the floor. Useless politics, but if it meant she could relax about her rent, Infinity would take it. Even if it did mean working with three other people.

Opening the folio, it listed the tower blueprints, the bios of her teammates (she recognised them all as other high profile criminals - blank squares where their image would be) and a list of tasks for her, to complete the mission successfully.


Task 1 : Research Heoda Tower (Bible)

Task 2 : Come up with tactics to steal the blueprints (Meditate)

Task 3 : Reduce weight to be more efficient (Diet)

Task 4 : Sneak into the tower (Stretch)

Task 5 : Record weakness and hand over the prize (Journal)


So I'll be trying out a story based challenge, and see if this time doesn't go better. I'll be vaguely following along the pilot episode of Leverage (aka the best show that you should 100% go and watch right now), instead of making up all original content. However, I shall be personalising it by placing it inside my Dungeons and Dragons world of Maen, allowing me a little more freedom with the content.

I've also decided to head over to the Druids. Hi! I felt like it would be a better fit with the more mental parts of my challenge, and I may mover back to the Rangers once I start incorporating more physical work into my challenge. But for now, its about conquering my mind and coming to terms with it, and growing from the inside out. 

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Task 1 : Bible (WIS)

I faded slightly in my last challenge, so I will have to add two chapters a day until I catch up. I'm also going to mess around with the routine of this one. After school doesn't seem to be working for me, so I shall try doing it in the morning for Week 0. If that doesn't work, I will listen to an audio version for Week 1. If that doesn't work, I will put it in my evening routine for Week 2. If that doesn't work, I shall evaluate then and see if I can't come up with some new tactics.


Task 2 : Meditate (WIS)

This is something I want to work towards because of a negative mental health slump over the past month. I'm going to talk to someone about it on Thursday, but I want to encourage growth myself, and this will happen in the form of mindfulness. When I get home, I will meditate after getting changed. This may take place before or after my stretch. If I don't stretch that day, I will meditate anyway. For it to count, it must last at least five minutes of intentional sitting down. I may use music or an app.


Task 3 : Diet (CON)

This will only change slightly from previous challenges. I will stay Paleo, but I cut dairy last month, and I want to keep it going, because it seems to be doing some good. The maximum I am allowed is a small amount of cheese with some grapes at my break. Milk and extra cheese means that the day hasn't passed. I'm debating on whether or not to allow rice, but it doesn't seem to have any effect, so it must stay limited to a small bowl, any extra is too much. No grains or foods containing hidden sugars. I'm allowed one small block of dark chocolate, or one other form of chocolate (the mini wrapped ones). 


Task 4 : Stretch (DEX)

When I get home, I will change, and then spend ten minutes minimum stretching. This can be following a video, doing my own stretches, or dancing. I want to develop this skill, and if I get bored of stretching or don't want to, I will spend ten minutes learning a dance routine instead. This one should be fun, and also help keep me more limber. 


Task 5 : Journal (CHA)

Every night, I will write a diary entry and update my bullet journal. I have set an alarm for 10:30 that will prompt me to stop what I'm doing and do my diary entry, before continuing. I've said before, but I really enjoy this habit, as it makes me mindful of how the day went, and my own reactions to it. It's also good for the future, so I can see common trends and reflect on how I've developed.



75%  21 days + (+4 stat)

50% 14 days + (+2 stat)

25%  7 days +   (+1 stat)


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I love the points distribution and the narrative. Following for the story!

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41 minutes ago, zeroh13 said:

Awesome challenge! 

Thanks! :D


27 minutes ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

I'll be following along again.

Welcome back! 


20 minutes ago, Heidi ☯ said:

I love the points distribution and the narrative. Following for the story!

Thank you! The narrative is hopefully gonna work out well at either two posts a week, or we shall stretch the episode over two challenges. I hope you stick around! :P

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Act 1 : Rough Beginnings


Finally, the lights in the building turned off, the magical wards slowly lighting up the exterior of the building instead. The night was balmy, leaving Infinity in relative comfort as she hid on the roof, tucked between two gargoyles. She was waiting for two other members, the other in a tower across the street, more mundane and shorter height, but able to communicate new circumstances via Farstones that had been given out.

Waiting, and waiting, until Infinity spotted vague movement across the roof, barely there against the skyline before Infinity lost sight of the humanoid figure. Was that Daerick? Rumoured to be one of the greatest thieves Maen had ever known, untraceable and unspottable, her ability to slip through top-notch wards and locks remarkable. Then there was a spark of blue light and a young elf stepped through a teleportation spell, peering around in the darkness. There was a wizard working with them as well, a guy named Atala, also the best in his field, but this one looked a bit young.

Infinity snuck up on Atala, silent steps giving way as she moved infront of him. He jumped, then pushed his hand down infront of him. "Don't, don't do that man!" Infinity cocked an eyebrow, smirking slightly as she spotted Daerick slid around Atala's other side, also causing him to jump, and then start muttering under his breath as he shook his head. Atala had dark skin with a close cut, a smirk constantly playing on the corner of his mouth. But it was Daerick that surprised him, a grey and white spotted tiefling, blonde hair pulled under a black cap behind her horns. Her tail was long and thin, currently dancing behind her, giving her extra grace and balance as she walked.


Atala then reached into a bag and pulled out a set of small beads, and he motioned for them to put them in their ears. "Reduced size Farstones, because the ones Bastan thought we could use are sooo last year. These work off the vibrations in your jaw to transmit messages." Infinity just scoffed, turning away and Atala responded with a "I don't even know what you do." 

Thankfully, a little debate was stopped as Bastan started talking into their ears. "You all know the plan?" Everyone hummed or gave some form of affirmation, then Bastan began to count down. However, before he reached three, Daerick had already finished securing herself to a rope and had jumped off the side of the building, rope twisting behind her, attached to a cable system attached to a structural support on the roof. Infinity whistled as she went, then settled back to wait for her to disable the magical systems so they could begin to go through the building and get the plans.


Once they heard the affirmative, Atala and Infinity moved into action, heading to the dumb waiter and pulled down to the correct floor. Once out, Atala made his way to the office door and started scanning the magical barriers on it. However, Infinity started to hear a commotion over the stones, something about the guards doing their rounds early to watch a fight in the ring. Early? Infinity swore under her breath, then moved down the corridor, circling the area so she would come behind the guards just as they got to Ata- yes.

Infinity heard Atala quit and start to move away, before stopping, and saying, "I know what this looks like, but .." He trailed off as he saw Infinity move behind the guards, then his jaw dropped as she quietly dispatched all five in a single round. Surprise really did help, but that also coupled with a slow release of ki as she burnt it, enabling her to attack multiple times and drop the heavier ones with ease. 


"That's what I do." Infinity smirked as she walked towards Atala, who raised his eyebrows, then turned back to the door. It didn't take long for the door to open and Atala to move inside, sweeping up the papers into his bag of holding. But as they left, all the lights in the building turned an angry red, and Infinity heard Daerick in her ear. "All the magical alarms have been reset, and control lost from this box. We can't go up!"


Infinity and Atala immediately stepped apart, eyeing each other as she considered how best to get out of this situation without being caught. "Every person for themself then," and she started to head to the stairs to get out. However, Atala called out after her, "And I'm the one with the merchandise," causing Infinity to stop in her tracks. She really needed the money from this one. But Daerick chimed in with, "And I'm the one with the exit," and Infinity was about to hurl an angry reply when Bastan responded with, "And I'm the one with the plan."

Everyone fell quiet at that, stopping to listen. "Now I know you children don't play well with others, but I need you to hold out for seven more minutes. Now get to the waiter and head down. We're going to the burn scam." Atala and Infinity eyed each other, before they moved to the waiter, Daerick joining them. On the ride down, Infinity quickly threw on a robe from the bag, along with a pair of crutches and an illusion of a peg leg and burn scar on her face.

As they walked out, the two guards at the door moved forwards, but were waved back by Atala as she pretended to sob, one hand covering her face from the guards, who, flustered, let them go without two much trouble.

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Week 0 is already over half way done. It's been a 50/50 so far, but I have noticed that when I do either Stretching, Bible reading, or Meditation, I tend to do all three at the same time. This is because they all happen in the same room, and it's easier to do one after another. So, this means that to help me complete my challenge, I need to start doing one of them, and the rest should follow along.

The podcast hasn't been working, because I do just zone out and stop paying so much attention. I shall try the early wake up next week, and see if that works.


My biggest trip up was yesterday, because I went to a friend's house to play D&D. Because there were several of us, the fast food was brought out, and I didn't get home in time to do any of my other habits. So, reminder, make sure you have time to yourself to improve.

However, the day was a lot of fun, and I got a chance to play about an hour of Overwatch (Solider 76 main, though clumsy at the beginning), and a lot of Just Dance 2. I did the Time Warp song three times due to popular request :P

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Act II. Explosions


Infinity had woken up three hours ago, going through her drills and morning routine when someone slipped a letter under her door. However, it wasn't a job request, but a refusal to pay for the Dubenich job. Her jaw clenched and she visualised how exactly she would hurt Atala for not sending those plans off. She knew that she shouldn't have trusted anybody! However, the letter did state something - to meet in a warehouse outside of town to discuss how exactly she could get paid anyway. Infinity let out a sigh of relief and crumbled the paper up, shoving it in the fire to burn and watched it shrivel, her face stony. They were to meet in two hours, so Infinity got ready and headed out the front door.


After waiting for barely five minutes, Atala walked in and it took everything for Infinity to not immediately jump on the boy, reinforced when he raised a crossbow at pointed it at Infinity. By the gods she hated ranged weapons. Then Atala spoke, voice husky as though he hadn't slept.

"Mind telling me what happened to the designs?"

Infinity scoffed, and responded, "What makes you think I know what happened? Stupid."

Atala shook his head, motioning with the crossbow, "Look, forget you. You did it when we coming down the elevator, some mystical switcheroo crap."

"Yeah, that makes sense doesn't it? You had the files deep in your bag every second. And you better get that crossbow out of my face ...."

Atala guestered again, Infinity barely restraining the urge to flinch out of the way. People with bows were dangerous. People who didn't know what they were doing with bows were even more dangerous. "Or what?" He said.

Infinity growled slightly, hands relaxed by her sides, "or else I'm gonna feed it to you."


A shout at the door caused both to turn, Bastan, walking in with a very grumpy look on his face. 

A suspicion reached Infinity, and she asked, "Did you do it? You're the only one that's ever played both sides?" For Bastan had once been part of the city and country militia, fighting and finding criminals such as them. It had been a shock when his name came up on the dossier, but he had been out of the game for a while due to an incident with his child."

Bastan shrugged, "Yeah and you seem pretty relaxed for someone with a bolt pointed at them." 

Infinity shrugged back, ignoring the implication for now. "Safety's on."

Atala laughed, but stopped when Bastan said, "no, no, actually she's right, your safety is on."

Atala looked down at the gun, but as he did, Bastan stepped forwards, grabbing the gun and neatly twisting it out of the younger man's grip. As Atala sputtered, Bastan swiftly took the bolt out and released the mechanism, shoving it on his side.


However, Infinity spotted Daerick, who also had a small bow aimed at Bastan. "My money's not been given to me. That makes me cry inside my special, angry place." 

Bastan nodded, slowly reaching up to lower her arrow. "Okay, did you come here to get paid?" Daerick nodded, and as he looked at the three of them, they all nodded. "Then the only reason you guys are here is because you didn't get paid. And you're pissed off." 

Bastan laughed, and Infinity had the sneaking suspicion that the man was drunk.

"As a matter of face, the only way to get us all in the same place at the same time is to tell us that we're not. Getting. Paid."


His face sobered instantly, sarcastic amusement replaced with horror as the blood drained from his face, and everyone immediately began to run towards the door. As Atala tripped, Infinity grabbed him by the collar and pushed him out the door, everyone escaping as a wave of heat and fire exploded from the building behind them.

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Almost forgot to post this this week! The week has been a bit tough, with me laud out in bed for the past two days feeling ill and sorry for myself. However, I've still been pretty productive and trying to stay ontop of things. I've discovered that to-do lists help me immensely, because I have a tendency to get overwhelmed by all the things I'm supposed to do and struggle to prioritise them in my brain. So writing them down and then ordering really helps. And then having a timer for breaks so I don't get carried away, but they still really help is another great addition. So this has been added to my studying and general productivity and will hopefully continue to serve me well.

As for my habits, they've actually beeen coming along quite well. Not nearly 100%, but honestly better than I expected. 

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they / them  |  half-orc paladin ( oath of the watcher )   --   lv 0

Challenge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20Battle Log ~ Epic Quest

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Okay story takes entirely too much energy and willpower with all the other creative pursuits I'm trying to handle right now as well. (I'm looking at you, tumblr rp)

Fyi there's a steam sale on rn and there's a massive bundle for Tomb Raider stuff (I bought the 2013 edition because I have been looking at it longingly for a while. I shall play it as a reward to myself)


I've got a plan for this week and it's good and flexible, yet keeps me to a list of tasks, and today went absolutely swimmingly. I messed up slightly with forgetting that I actually needed to do some revision before attempting the stats paper. But I'm ahead of schedule with my EPQ which is always good news. Following the pomodoro timer also works really well for me though I need to set it at 45/15 because I'm concentrating my best between 10 and 30 minutes and don't want to break that up. But I need to make sure that my study break stays at that time.


My diet is pretty terrible and it's because I keep sneaking bowls of cereal. I think that I shall change this from 'generally keeping my diet paleo' to 'stop eating sugar. Entirely. Stop it!' And once I've eliminated the evil from my life can I develop into a better diet.


I also exercised from Wednesday to Sunday and ho boy did my muscles hurt. Wed - 5k walk. Thu - 30min free weights. Fri - 25min circuits. Sat - 5k run. Sun - 7k walk.

But I also felt good and I've forgotten how much I enjoy genuine exercise.


Bible reading is good and now I'm only a week behind! If I read everyday with the extra chapters, I only need to keep the increased load for another 7 days and then I can drop back and feel better about it :P. 

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New thread is up!

Slightly different change in format and application, but hopefully this will be what I need. Continue with the experimentation!

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they / them  |  half-orc paladin ( oath of the watcher )   --   lv 0

Challenge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20Battle Log ~ Epic Quest

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