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CM and the Mardi Valentine President on a Tuesday

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22 minutes ago, elvenengineer said:

hmm maybe I should do that....

try one out! 5K is really fairly short and not very time consuming. pretty easy to train for when you're already lifting/yogaing/whatevs. I like the fun ones with booze at the end. because if i'm going to pay to do cardio it better have booze.

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On 10 Mar 2017 at 5:34 PM, CourtnieMarie said:

it is magical. i should bring a wand next time i cardio... that might make it less boring.


I'm sure a magical wand would make cardio a bit less boring but it might also distract you too much! 

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late updatesssssssssssss


Week 4 – Friday


slept in a bit and did all my measuring stuffs. Food was on point with a leftover veggie bowl for breakfast, apple and banana for snacks, avocado smoothie and egg casserole for lunch, and another veggie bowl topped with eggs for dinner. I ended up overindulging on dried mangos after dinner but didn’t sweat it.


stuff at work:

4 planks @75s

wall sit @60s

boat pose @60s

lunges @60s each side


Weights: 2/3

Cardio: 2/2

Yoga: 35/60

Snacks: 5/5

Recipes: 0/1


Week 4 – Saturday


morning gym time










65x11 – I was just so excited I kept going



floor abs


got in a bit of yoga after but not enough to finish up the challenge at 100%.


made a thing for lunch that ended up not being very different than my usual things but I’m counting it! and then I went to meet up with friends for a couple drinks which turned into more friends and more drinks. and then I was pretty drunk and it was like 1:30am and I had a 5K the next morning…


Weights: 3/3

Cardio: 2/2

Yoga: 40/60

Snacks: 5/5

Recipes: 1/1


I did make it to the 5K but it was only by the skin of my teeth. I was completely underdressed for the ridiculously freezing weather. I finished in like 41mins but considering the circumstances, I’m lucky I didn’t puke on the course.


talk about ending a challenge with a bang!

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what's up? it's zero week before the next challenge and i'm still hanging out in mardi gras-president's day-valentine's day land.


Challenge total:

Weights: 12/12

Cardio: 6.5/8

Yoga: 227/240

Snacks: 19/19

Burpees: 42/60

Recipes: 2/2


as you can see i have no problems getting in my beloved lifting sessions. i will need to repeat cardio and yoga. maybe try to get in yoga on at least 3 days instead of assuming i'm going to end up doing it all at once at some point in the week. i think the weekend recipes goal helped as well as eating only my own snacks at work. i may have to change the snack rule for next challenge to completely omit any work goodies maybe 3 out of the 5 work days? baby steps. burpees were actually a fun drunk challenge that got me moving. i will keep that goal for future parties!


my weight has only popped back up about a pound and a half so that's good so far. i've been probably eating an average of 1900 cals per day (except for the juice cleanse) which is much better than the 1600-1700 i was trying to do for years (2014-2016). kind of hoping my body is healing from cutting too much for too long. also trying to be happy with my flabby belly. it does great things y'all, extra pudge or no. i have problems with both overeating and body image. the challenge goals so far this year have been good to healing both of those issues. minimally, but it's there.


and now i will try to get a new challenge up before the 19th!




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