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Sam Ashen

Sam Ashen the Iron Crisis

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So running for 90 seconds was enough exercise for me today and I took a rest day.


Still reading up.......




A fun discussion with a friend got me cleared up on the differences between S and N and how they have so much potential to piss each other off.


So narrowing my type down to INTJ or INTP, this one has my personality as the equivalent of True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral.




And this one, either Lawful Evil or True Neutral.




I ate well today!


Score for Today:

4135 Calories

340 Carbs (-20; goals to be determined, but looks good)

218 Fat (+98; goals to be determined, but way high)

218 Protein (160 minimum)


+12.6 Overall - I forgot to add the 1.5 minutes of running to my cardio for the day.


Hitting the Broad Side of a Barn: 0/1 on a target I have not yet defined.

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